So its cool if we bot?

Between BGs and Sholazar Basin being rife with bots and pretty obvious botting too. Blizzard’s offered zero communication about if its even being addressed my only conclusion at this point is its ok now?


Go try. You can look at any bot website and see ban waves do go out but the botters replace themself faster while the good scripts blizzard hasent updated there detection for in awhile so they have lasted a while but the avg person just picking up botting good chance for you to pick the wrong script and get banned due to being auto detected.

Right. They are vanquishing the bots, but the bots are just winning. Blizzard needs to ramp up their detection or hire more people to ban them faster.

That one lone gm they have assigned to banning bots rn.


the botting is out of hand @_@

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Play on Faerlina or Benediction where the bots can’t even create new accounts, and it’s obvious that Blizzard has done next to nothing about bots. They’re just as rampant now as they were when the servers were locked. If ban waves were going out, there would be a noticeable difference simply because of attrition.


You people need to wake up and smell the corporate shenanigans. My carpet cleaning buddy who works at Blizzard said they use bots to artificially populate BGs.

If more of you play, there are less bots. PvP if you want to eliminate bots. And no they are not endorsing botting by botting…. :man_facepalming:

Blizzard uses bot and even real people to improve our gaming experience. I have explained in the past how Blizzard will have employees help form groups at quest bottle necks. If they ever do a new fresh server or SOM go hang out by a bottle neck. The Kurzen guys in STV for example.

Not all the bots you see in BGs are Blizzards though. You will see lots of videos of bot shenanigans. Some are people who paid for PvP boost and others are just hackers trying to show off what they can do.

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People always use this “ban wave” excuse to cover for the fact that NOTHING is being done. When you get suspended, there is no wave. Someone at Blizzard hits the button. Fact is you can friend list all the bots you like and they will still be running months later. There is no “ban wave.” There is no ban at all.


There wasnt a ban wave. The ratio of players hit a point where Blizzard needed less bots to maintain a smooth Q.

This isn’t big brain type stuff.

First off in this day and age of “wokeness” and using social media and the news for one to try and benefit financially, I doubt blizzard is using their own bots. Someone would have sold them out…

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Ban waves absolutely have happened in the past and are treated different from normal player bans. It is highly likely they are dealt with by completely different teams at Blizzard.

Of course whether they are actually bothering to set up for a ban wave is another question to which the answer is seemingly no.

Well, it’s certainly tolerated by Blizzard…if not outright encouraged. They did give bots a way to make free 55s. And they don’t even need to make a new account for another one. If you delete your free 55 dk, you can make another one.

And of course customer support and game support have been decimated. Those 800 layoffs a few years ago took another hit for support. The few GMs remaining deal with Retail. Classic is pretty much just ignored.

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The last reduction in force that the Blizzard CS team experienced took place in 2012. The February 2019 layoffs you’re referencing cut zero CS or GM positions at Blizzard. Here’s the legal document provided by Blizzard to the state of California detailing the exact number and titles of the positions cut:

You and others continue to lie about this and I’ll continue to discredit those lies, Zaalg.

If you see this, sorry for tagging you Vrakthris. There’s been a fair bit of lying and trolling from at least a few posters about the CS/Botting situation on Classic so I’m tossing out some facts.


So, I normally wouldn’t move this kind of thread to the CS Forum so I can reply, and I will be locking the thread once I post, but the level of … creative storytelling, is astonishing.

We used to report on the various numbers of accounts we would close, but we mostly stopped that some time ago. Mostly, it just doesn’t paint a clear picture of our efforts. I know folks want a bit more insight, I do. Outside of just numbers of malicious and exploitative accounts that are closed continually, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes that helps to prohibit various methods of exploitation and outright block malicious accounts from logging in.

I know that those efforts aren’t always reflected by what you see in-game, but our teams are very active in working to block, break and detect various botting and other forms of cheating. No, botting absolutely is not okay now.

Sorry for stealing the thread, but I couldn’t let the next quotes go unchallenged.

It isn’t that simple. Game Master’s generally don’t ban bots, we have an entire Hacks team that does the lion’s share of those investigations who help deal with them and take action for those accounts verified to be exploiting. It is often a long process, which we absolutely want to work faster.

Speaking of shenanigans… I just can’t with this… You are either purposefully trolling, which I will warn you against right now… or someone is feeding you such a pack of lies and you are buying it.

No, it is not. Not tolerated, certainly not encouraged. We dislike folks cheating even more than most players. It isn’t something we want in our game and we do what we can to remove them as we are able to. It isn’t always as fast or as efficient as we’d like, but we absolutely do care about our games, both Dragonflight and Classic.

I think Mchortons did a good job in covering that other bit so I’ll just leave it at that.