Anti-Cheat Software?

I’d like to put out there that I’d easily be happy to instantly download anti-cheat software if it stopped botting. Similar to how Valorant stops cheating. If Blizzard had software like this, where you had to have it downloaded to play - I wouldnt hesitate to download it

They use their own anti-cheat software.

It’s called Warden

I think it’s called Ineffective.


That’s not what Warden does though.

Warden only scans for active running bots as well as players running custom scripts in game that are exploit scripts. It misses quite a bit of other stuff though. They even used to have it used for detecting arena and RBG win trading, but there were sometimes false positives where some of the wrong people would get banned.

It is good, but getting outdated at this point.

Oh and it also scans your PC for any private servers that you have access too. So if you log in to a P server while you have any Blizzard games or battnet installed on your computer, it will catch it. Just added that in since I am seeing lots of people posting on these forums looking for private severs since Blizzard kinda screwed up Classic. It stops bad things from happening.

they want the bot money


Yes. The most effective bot requires an active sub to work properly. I dont blame Blizz for not banning them. Bot money = good money. They make up a lot of the sub count.

I’m a truck driver

AI is sophisticated enough now that you could probably have a computer actually play the other computer via screen capture and keyboard input, which would pass the Turing test and certainly fool bliz.

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It’s updated constantly. It detects Lua unlockers among oyber things that allow the commands bots use, but theyre constantly updating as well so its a game of cat and mouse

It absolutely would not…

That comment was slightly random…

I was just letting you know I’m hella stupid

But ur a good gnome though. :slight_smile:

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Blizz could do something radical like hire GMs to police their game again, but customer support and game support have been gutted.

It’s not a huge mystery who the bots are. It’s blatantly obvious. They just don’t care. $15 is $15.

You’re lying again, Zaalg. CS hasn’t had a reduction in force since 2012 as Vrakthris confirmed in this post he made responding to you and citing my Rogue named Mchortons:

I wouldn’t be surprised if you catch a permanent forum ban if you keep trolling like this, Zaalg.

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