Getting Increasingly Peeved with CS

I’ve been waiting over two weeks for my ticket to be replied to to get my accounts merged, I know I’m just going to end up with a copy/pasta like literally anytime I open a ticket telling me to go check wowhead. Have to reopen the ticket and what? Wait another 3 weeks? It’s not our fault that Blizzard fired a huge chuck of CS, but then seeing a CS argue with a guy in a different thread about how he doesn’t play classic and how he didn’t play against him in a BG, like ??? Do your job…

We haven’t, Zyky, but it never fails that someone brings up that false rumor. Unless you mean back in 2012, which is when the layoffs for CS did happen. Not any time recently.

As for your ticket. It is currently 11 days 3 hours old. While a good deal longer than we would like, it is not yet at “over two weeks”. We do absolutely understand the frustration though, but we are “doing our jobs”, by trying to get to everyone as quickly as we can.

What you saw someone someone coming into this forum attempting to troll and derail a number of threads.

Now, with all that said, the WoW license you are asking us to remove actually looks to be a Starter Edition. We have a self-help option for you to actually remove that yourself, which as far as I know, takes very little time for the system to do. You’d only need to contact us if that did not work for you.

Have you tried it yet?


There’s no option to MERGE my two accounts.

Sorry, Zyky, I only saw your one ticket from this account, which is about removing a Starter Edition from EU.

I assume the MERGE request is about combining accounts and originates from the other account? Do you have a ticket ID for that?


I didn’t realize I had to make one on both accounts. US87407909

Nobody said you needed to do that. Vrak was pointing out that the account that you chose to post from doesn’t have that ticket, so how would he have seen it?

If you had posted from the account that had made the ticket, then he wouldn’t need the ticket number to look and see what’s happening.

Just a note though, while WoW accounts can be moved, they can’t technically be “merged”. So they can move a WoW account from one to another, but be aware that anything account bound like pets/mounts/account-wide achievements/etc. will remain on the original account and not transfer over. Just want to make sure that you’re aware of that.


It is on this account, it’s on the same ticket as the one he’s referencing.

You do not. I just could only find that one ticket about removing the Starter Edition, so I wanted to be sure.

I would recommend adding information to your ticket. There is no indication of what other account you mean and that you want to try and move X WoW license to Y Bnet account.

Technically, but it is an edit into that ticket. Not part of the original text, so it doesn’t show unless I specifically go looking for it.

On that edit, again, I would recommend that you add information on what account you are referring to.

I would add something like. I want to move my WoW#1 license on X to this account.

Without that, they will likely need to ask for more information which will require you to reopen your ticket.