"Slaves to Saronite" daily MASSIVE BUG

I just started doing my daily rounds and when I got to “Slaves to Saronite” daily I heard the gold sound when I attempted to rescue one. After a few tries I became suspicious something was wrong because I was missing 5000 Gold. I did 1 more “Rescue” and saw that each slave you interact with takes 500 gold from you. I currently missing 5500 gold. WTF. I want my money back


lost more than 200k gold.


I just lost 16k gold trying to do this daily. Right before ulduar release too. Just lost half my gold trying to do some dailies. How does this even happen?

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I just lost about 35k what do we do this is insane i am full panic mode right now i have a ticket opened bc at first i thought it was a malicious addon or something. Only adter someone posted on my forum post did i hear about this and started googling it. Can and will they restore gold for this cause im sorry but im unsubbing if im just out 35k i have been saving for months n months.

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Blizz pls help this is no joke I am out about 34.5k gold to be more exact. Noticed it was all missing immediately after trying to do slaves to saronite daily which is apparently bugged.

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It happened to me as well. I’m out about 9k gold. I have been searching the web trying to figure out if anyone else is missing gold after today’s patch in Classic and i finally ran across this. I tried to do the “Slave to Saronite” daily right after the 1 hour server downtime, but the slaves are now just gold thieves.

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I commented with the wrong character the first time. I was on this one.

I can confirm this is happening.

I did it on this character and heard the sound, didn’t take notice of my gold at the time.

I took my alt there and did the quest and it was taking gold away from that character every time I told the NPC “You’re free!”

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Lost 106k this morning not knowing what was going on. I submitted a ticket this morning to see what happens.

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wow how the heck do you guys have that much gold?!? crazy!

This also happened to a guildmate he asked if anyone lost gold in our dicord but his number was starting at 3830 and he noticed it was at 73 gold


I had a problem in that after six slaves were freed, they would not take any action (Attack, run away, etc.)

I abandoned and restarted the quest and was able to complete it.

Note: I did hear the “money” sound when interacting with the slaves, but there was no gold coming out. I walked out of there with more gold than when I went in (From killing Taskmistress’)

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This happened to me late last night. I checked most of the miners to see if I could complete the quest and then left thinking it was bugged. Out over 9k.

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I saw this posted to Reddit and frantically attempted to login to check my rogue’s gold stash, only to realize the servers are down until 8 PST. I didn’t personally notice the gold sound, but had grouped with someone who talked to one guy, said something that I didn’t follow in Spanish, and left the group…fingers crossed that his toast was burning or something like that and he (and I) aren’t out $.

I lost 6500g to this before shutdown.


I am relieved to see I am not alone is missing 10k+ gold after attempting this quest. I remember even hearing the “ka-ching” sound upon interacting with the mobs, but just figured it was a goofy but inconsequential post-update issue. I didnt even notice the money was missing until about an hour later, after unlocking and using the Argent Tournament flightmaster, and assumed it had to do with that. Now i’m worried I may have screwed myself by issuing a ticket without mentioning this quest and getting the timeline slightly wrong. Does anyone know whether I would be better off “resolving” this ticket and opening a new one, or explaining this issue further under the current ticket I have open? I really don’t to anger the GM’s and lose all my gold lol. Sorry for the long post. Best of luck to everyone else experiencing this problem :slight_smile:

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I too am missing around 200k gold. :frowning: I needed this gold to pay for my valanyr. Need refund asap pls Blizz

Wow, theres a lot of people in here in need of a boot to the rear for gold buying or its facilitation.


I’m also a victim of this bug… I really hope blizz can get everyone their gold back. This has got to be one of the worse bugs of all time.

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I got a response to my ticket. Automated. Directing me to additional resources. It asked me to mark my ticket as answered. Cool.


Caveat Emptor… Or For Those Who Don’t Know Latin It Says “Buyer Beware” – Keep Your Gold Safe!!!