Silent. Where are you? *UPDATE*

How do you suggest we build a way to communicate around people like this, who literally think its someone’s job to take their toxicity?

Do I really need to say any more? People wonder why CMs don’t post here more often. This. This is why CMs post only what is required of them.

are you really that naive? do you expect people to be sunshine and roses? some where in the world is some one who doesn’t like you, and they’re not afraid to let you know, nor should they be.

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What a ridiculous thing to say. Who is blaming the victim? The blame goes to a much higher level than a “messenger”.


“It is the messenger’s fault for not being tough enough to handle my toxicity” Is the literal definition of victim-blaming.

Who said that? Twisting words to fit your narrative doesn’t lead to constructive discussion.


Except it’s not a toxic fan base. You’ve used that word over and over and it simply doesn’t describe the majority of players.

It doesn’t even describe ME, and I’m Blizzard’s worse critic. I can be critical. I can be negative. I can call Blizzard out. I can disagree. I can passionately disagree. That’s not being toxic.

As someone else pointed out, you seem to throw everything that isn’t flat out praise into the toxic category.

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no one is a “victim” here.


You should be fined every time you misuse that word.

No one is “taking” anyone’s actionable behavior.

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Literally this person says it. I am not twisting anything. He literally said it and said it proudly.

You most certainly misunderstood. As I said, “There really isn’t an excuse for people going over the top to the point of getting a forum ban.” So. No reason for “toxicity,” to use your word.

So not excusing bannable behavior, just saying it happens. Delete post, ban them, move on.

How is this unreasonable?

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I think the job puts the person into a position where they will face harassment and they need to be able to handle that. But I guess, I wouldnt, consider it their job to be harrassed. The job is to communicate effectively. And figure out ways to do that.

I would use the metaphor of a fire fighter. Their job is to stop the fire. They know going in that there is a strong possibility they may get injured. But getting injured is not their job. Their job is to stop the fire.

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You’re blaming Blizzard for not having a thick enough skin to handle being abused?

“Yeah, I am”

“You most certainly misunderstood me”

Seriously I’m wondering if you’re not just trolling at this point. I quoted MY OWN WORDS. Stop making things up.

You’re becoming super TOXIC.

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There should be ZERO expectation of being “burnt” in your analogy for a CM. It is sad that it has become so common these days that we have to expect it though.

Sure, maybe there is some different method of communication where everyone is happy. But that is not the world we live in the here-and-now. I think there has been enough evidence collected in this thread alone why there should be zero expectation that a CM should go out of their way to post anything but which is mandated to keep their jobs.

yes there should be, if you’re just relaying information, you don’t even need CMs or mods, they are expressly there to deal with negative feedback.


Can you please trot out that evidence? I suggest a list with exact quotes.

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What has Blizzard done about the rampant botting and RMT that severely affects gameplay? How long has fly hacking been around and not fixed, May? You seriously think they are not accountable to customers for their non response?


Those are legitimate problems. But what do you want the response to be?

“We know these are happening and we’re looking into it.” Do you know the huge backlash a post like that would generate? That is why they’re only responding when they have hard game-play changes to report.