Silent. Where are you? *UPDATE*

They communicate exactly as much as they need to. The “ability to move faster on issues” is NOT a communication issue, that is a developer issue. The CMs are posting all required information they can. They’re doing their jobs. If they have nothing new to post its NOT the CMs fault.

I get the impression you didnt actually read the comment you were replying to?

The CMs post exactly as much as they have to.

It is not the CMs fault they don’t get more information to pass along.

Not a CM problem. But a developer problem.

Perhaps, but not a CM problem. A developer problem.

A literal line-by-line reading of your comment saying the same thing i had said before.

I sincerely doubt that you’ve had to deal with anything close to what Kaivax has to deal with. Let alone Lore or Ion.

Blaming all classic players for the behavior of some is pretty bad in itself. I have never berated a blizzard employee. Nor have countless others. That is not really a excuse. Especially when as pointed out they can moderate. They might not owe us anything. But it is pretty clear the current model a poor way to engage with their customers. It is on them to fix that model or potentially lose customers.

I/we have no obligation to fix their customer engagement problem. That is quite literally their job.


A few bad apples spoil the bunch =(

Does it make you feel better to dismiss other people’s lived experiences? Do what you need to, I guess.

So again, you failed to actually read anything you were replying to. Alrighty then.

Exactly that is why if it is your job is to sell the bunch. You take the loss and remove the few bad apples. Or greatly increase the risk of not being able to sell the entire bunch.

I literally read it line by line. Alright then. Maybe you should try reading it this time?

Except its not a job to sell the bunch. They were doing us a favor and the community consistently bit the hand that fed them. And now the community is upset that hand doesn’t come around often anymore.

See my post above.

It is exactly their job. There are no favors in a business transaction. These “favors” are part of what attracts customers. If a business doesn’t want to attract customers they are not required. But it is in general a poor business decision.


I’m not sure what more can be expected at this point.

I would love to hear more for CMs, even if that message was “Nothing new to report today.” I am of the opinion that even if a change I dislike is communicated, the act of communication in-and-of it self was a good thing.

However, the messengers here are being personally attacked, harassed, insulted and more. And unfortunately, a person can be toxic without doing something worthy of being censored on these forums…maybe that is the problem?

But until something changes, I cannot see a good reason for the human-being behind the blue text to post anything more than what is required to by their bosses.

It is not our problem to fix. It is theirs. They need to come up with a model of engaging their customers that works.

Blaming the customers is most often fruitless even if they are partially to blame for their troubles. As they are customers. They spend their money where they please, for whatever their reason.

That is not to say the customers every whim must be fulfilled, to the detriment of the business. But rather, it is the job of the business to provide solutions. If they cannot they will lose customers. Some of which is unavoidable, some of which is not. A successful business provides good solutions.


none of that matters, it’s their literal job to do it anyways.

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I think this is where the disconnect is. The system “is” working. The CMs are communicating changes and the reasoning behind them. They’re just not going out of their way to say things when they don’t have anything official to say.

Blizzard is not blaming their customers, and that could be the problem. Instead, they’ve resorted to ONLY doing their job of reporting new things.

Catering to a toxic fanbase in the name of “business” is a great way to keep a toxic fanbase, in my opinion. If I was running a business, perhaps losing a few toxic customers would not be such a bad thing.

I don’t have any good answers here other than wishing that this berate messengers to the point where they do the very minimum required of them.

Its no one’s job to be insulted or harassed. And implying that they’re not doing their job because they don’t want to be insulted or harassed is gross.

no. it is their job. “toxic” is such an over used word. it’s meaningless. kinda like how you keep saying things are “gross”. like, so what.

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No hes right it’s not their job to be harrassed. But it is there job to figure out ways to communicate.

The fact you think it is normal for someone’s job to be insulted and harassed is sad to me. And that its actually someone fault for “not doing their job” when they get harassed is the exact reason there isn’t more blue text around here.

no. if you are the public facing portion of a company, it IS your job to get harassed, there’s no way that everyone in the entire world will love your company or product or you personally. it’s your job to sit behind a screen and deal with it.

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