Silent. Where are you? *UPDATE*

Many forum posts and in-game reports about fly hacking, walking through walls/barriers, botting, and broken loot tables.
WoW is lawless right now. It’s the same players every day breaking the rules. Some have been reported over a month ago, yet they are still here.
My advice: if blizzard doesn’t want to ban the hackers and bots, then join them. WoW is lawless right now and you will not get banned. Blizzard is silent.

Probably laid off many employees since pandemic.

Update 09/19/20, more bots and fly hackers: removed by moderation

Moderation note: please continue to report any suspicious characters in game. We do not allow player call outs on the forums as they may be hacked or not cheating. Reports in game allow our experts to investigate the situation to take care of it.


This needs more attention. Please vote and post any sort of comment

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Blizzarrd is not in these forums. That is by design. These are player forums. This is not a forum for Blizzard to “justify itself” in the mind of each player. That doesn’t exist. If you don’t like a company’s product, don’t buy it.

That’s an absurd exaggeration for me. If it’s true for you, quit.

If you are expecting a “perfect game” for $15/mo (50 cents a day), you might as well quit now. Good luck finding that “perfect game”.

If you believe all forum posts and reports, you should quit now. You have already decided “I will believe anyone who criticizes Blizzard”. It makes no sense to keep playing, and just repeat those criticisms.


Nobody expects a perfect game but it’s pretty well known that they gutted a lot of jobs where actual humans were looking into things and they are relying heavily on automation to varying degrees of success.


Yeah, it’s a well known false narrative.


I disagree.

I’m not saying all jobs where humans were involved are gone I’m saying they have shifted the majority over to automation which is hard to dispute. Just try and submit a ticket, they send you through 40 different automated options before they even let you try and type out a ticket and get a response from an actual person.


Okay, I went to open a ticket and a window popped up telling me to explain my issue. Where are the 40 different automated options?

Agreed classic in a state of chaos bots running rampant and more gold sellers and buyers than legit players common blizz boys wave the hammer yeet💯

If it’s an absurd exaggeration for you, then leave.

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They used to be. Kinda’ like they used to ban bots and that sort of thing.

Blizzard needs to figure out a way to clean up their game. People playing have already paid Blizzard - whether that’s for one month or six. You wouldn’t accept getting food somewhere that’s crawling with flies and being told, “If you don’t like it go somewhere else,” AFTER YOU PAID FOR IT.

So weary of hearing people claim Blizzard can’t do anything about it (they can - they’re a multi billion dollar company) or if you don’t like it just shut up.

It doesn’t even make sense from a consumer’s stand point.


No, but I certainly wouldn’t go back everyday anyways while still complaining about the flies.

No company in the world has produced a perfect game without bugs, hackers, etc. Please show me one example, I’ll wait.

Blizzard reads these forums. But I am not surprised they only post the literal bare minimum required to distribute mandatory information these days. Have you seen how this community treats CMs?


CM: “Happy 1 year classic anniversary!”

Classic community: * grabs pitchforks *

The way this community treats CMs is disgraceful.


Lmao. You will get an automated response to that ticket most of the time. The person you might get is going to be so useless they might as well be an automated system, because they’re only allowed to reply with scripted bits and have no ability to change anything.

Have you ever tried to actually submit a ticket with an issue?


I have. Accidently bought 2 mounts and wanted one refunded, a GM was able to do just that and left a nice message. Perhaps if you’re getting unhelpful / automated responses, you might want to consider the reason for your ticket in the first place. This is more of an indication of you, rather than Blizzard GMs.

In fairness, the forums had been turning into a dumpster fire of complaints and people begging for some acknowledgement from Blizzard. I don’t know what sort of response they were expecting when they posted that thread after such a long period of radio silence.

It’s like that Simpsons joke where Marge and Homer bring Apu banana bread after birthing the octuplets. “Oh, hallelujah, our problems are solved, we have a happy anniversary post.”

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Are you justfying threats, insults, and harrasment?

Considering I said none of those things, I think you know the answer to that facetious question. I was merely pointing out that - for better or worse - Blizzard hasn’t managed its relationship with the Classic community very well and it should have anticipated that thread was going to come off as disingenuous at best to a large chunk of people.

Edit: Actually, I’m flagging your post because I really resent the way you have taken my comment way out of context.

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This is 100% the communities fault. Every single time a CM has posted here they have been met with vitriol…from the very start.

No, you didn’t say that…but it is the truth. It is what happened in that thread. And being offended by that seems way off base.

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And a lot of players won’t continue playing either. Not the issue.

The issue is Blizzard isn’t taking care of a problem with THEIR product that consumers have paid for.

I played on a private server with around 8k pop. This wasn’t a PTW server, it was run by volunteers and donations. There were active GM’s monitoring chat 24/7. Bots were squashed in low level areas before they leveled . . . over and over again. There was zero RMT spam after the first week. Hackers and exploiters were banned.

There was a known safe spot on Heigan the Unclean that several guilds took advantage of before the fix. They were banned. The thing is, everyone knew about it because a GM made a post about the exploit, along with the day it would be patched and a warning that anyone using it would be banned. GM’s have tools to see what’s going on in every area of the game, and they used them. Imagine that. My guild didn’t even consider taking advantage of this exploit because there was zero tolerance.

I actually never saw a bot. Ever. Not saying there weren’t any, but a handful of volunteers were able to run a squeaky clean server with 8k players.

Blizzard is supposedly a multi billion dollar corporation staffed with professionals. There is no excuse.