Silent. Where are you? *UPDATE*

I mean I think a lot of people would be happy to hear that. They might not be so happy to hear that ad nauseam for 6 months with no explanation as to why.

You recognize that the longer they go with complete radio silence, the worse the backlash will be when they finally respond? If we had some type of regular, transparent update, if tangible changes were being made in a timely manner, if this problem didnt just keep repeating itself every few weeks in increasingly worsening severity, people wouldnt be so irate.

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I know i personally would. But we have had threads like this.

Basically a post saying “we know botting is bad, but please keep reporting them.”
Don’t get me wrong, this thread has positive feed back. This thread also has CONSTRUCTIVE negative feed back…and that is great.

But just read it. There is no reason for Kaivax or anyone to go out on a limb and do something like this again.

Edit: That thread also no longer shows the obscene posts that had to actually be censored.

They really should have a solid presence in the community they built. Without representation in the community, the community will over time turn sour and disenfranchised.

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I think they are aware of all of these things, they were never really much for responding to all concerns of every forum post, unless somebody riles up a bunch of angry people and they feel forced to respond.

They have the tools to deal with these things, and are clearly aware of them, it’s just not something they knee-jerk react to.

Calling someone pathetic will likely result in a forum suspension.

Really ? For calling someone Pathetic ? this is how sensitive ppl are these days ?
Oooh yes…easier to “play” the victim.
Poor souls.
So Blizzard doesnt “pay attention” to theft done in the Game… to all the ppl bot farming and the ppl selling Gold for money. But they watch forums for calling out people and using words like “pathetic”.
I am proud of this. So proud.

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There have been threads where people have recorded the rmt’ers literally flying, and warp hacking, and there has been no response. This was also months ago. It is extremely disheartening to see rampant cheating and botting ruin a game when you invest so much time and mental energy into it. I don’t want to quit, but if they allow things that fundamentally ruin the game for me, I just don’t have fun anymore. I wish there was some response that they were aware of it and are working towards a solution, that is all.

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I am not sure what-more can be done on the communication-front. They have all ready said they’re aware and how people can report the cheaters. I guess they could repeat themselves, or drop a link to the thread where they say they’re aware of the cheating problem.

But the slow response on cheaters isn’t the fault of the humans posting in the forums with blue text.

It was said that you would destroy the bots, not join them! Bring balance to WoW, not leave it in darkness!

If people truly are hacking like this lately, Blizzard might be letting them hack to gather data on the hack.

Got to use your brain on these things. Blizzard does not like cheaters like some people think.

Do you think it takes 4+ months to gather data on a hack to counter it? We are in huge trouble.


if the hack is exploitative enough yes.

Yes there are here Lana…I’ve already got flagged by you because I called you pathetic and i’ve been notified by Blizzard. Good thing they can keep their eyes on minor things like this but not the ones doing worse. I hope you feel good in your skin every time you flag a post you do not like.
Good thing you telling people to quit is fine.
You are a hypocrite too.

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It all comes back to Blizzard being totally disconnected from their players. It’s the reason their player base dwindled to a shadow of what it once was. THEY DO NOT CARE. It’s blatantly obvious. They have no idea what their players like or don’t like and they DO NOT CARE.

Just look at how blindsided they were by how many people piled into Classic. They were totally unprepared for that. THEY DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE. And they didn’t have a clue because they’re totally disconnected from their players.

Back in WOTLK I was in an AB that hadn’t started yet. There was an exploit that allowed players to glitch out of the starting gate and cap flags before the gates opened. An Alliance player decided to be cute and take advantage of this. I opened a ticket and reported him (which took a minute back in those days before they switched to the convoluted mess they currently have).

Before the match was over that player poofed out of the BG. And just like that a GM answered my ticket with something like, “Thank you for your report the issue has been resolved. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you . . . May Elune guide your path! . . . blah, blah.”

These are the things that made WoW a remarkable, immersive game. They made you feel as if Blizzard cared about their game and cared about you.

Maybe because at one time they really did.

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How long has it been since people were fly hacking in ZG? They really need months and months and months of data???


If any bonafide hacks being used currently are sophisticated enough that they have the potential to degrade the quality of all Blizzard products, even years from now, yes. Months worth of data and or maybe more might be needed.

Any hackers don’t want to get caught, and any hacks used are designed to be not detectable.

For all we know Blizzard is working with the FBI and there might be state actors involved. I am just speculating, though.

I don’t think Blizzard is ignoring cheaters. This is their business. They don’t want anything to jeopardize it.

Apparently blizzard is fine with exploitative gameplay as can be seen here.

This was removed by forum mods not wanting to deal with the problem last week.

Just join any PvP server on a Tues/Wednsday night and look at the top of AQ40 for proof.

Blizzard probably gonna sell tbc 10$ so every time someone get ban he as to buy 10$ Not just make another sub.

$$$ IT ALL ABOUT $$$$


Let fly hacks degrade the game for months, maybe years so they can’t degrade the game? I’m sorry but I don’t get it.

It’s a matter of banning these things as soon as they happen. Blizzard doing what they’re doing now isn’t working. It’s degrading the game.

If a thing isn’t working, do another thing.