Shadowlands Season 4 Great Vault Details

With Shadowlands Season 4 starting this week, we want to provide extra clarification on this week’s Great Vault. Here’s what to expect:

  • Time a Mythic+ 18 to earn a +15 keystone this week.
  • Season 4 Great Vault rewards will begin with August 9 weekly resets.
  • Attendant’s Tokens of Merit selected this week can only be sold for 1000 gold each.

Thx for the info. Looking forward to trying it out.

I still don’t know how I feel about the old mega dungeons, I really don’t like any mega dungeon but I might as well get all color variations of the mount right?

This line feels ambiguous and confusing; can you please confirm that the vault on august 2/3 will be capped at season3 ilevel?

**Thanks for the update/further clarification!

I took that as next week meaning not this Tuesday, next Tuesday. I doubt the gv will provide anything higher than 278 this week.

I agree and assume the same, but for a “clarification” post, it’s worded pretty awkwardly

This week’s vault will be capped at Season 3 item level, and next week’s vault will be at Season 4 item level. Thanks for the question! I’ve updated the post to clarify.


Y’all should still let us purchase season 3 socket items until next week :frowning:

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they are changing the cost of sockets in S4, its half the price.


So we can get two sockets for season 3 gear, is that really so bad? It’s not as if we can use them on newer season 4 pieces.

The new tokens can be used to buy sockets for S4 gear. Have to see how this plays out but this might be two sockets to bank on this reset since all we get is 278 loot.

This is really cool. 6 tokens for to knock a hole in my items was super high. 3 tokens feels a LOT better.


This seems pretty clear that if we select tokens today, we cannot buy sockets for S3 with them. They’re only worth gold. I’m annoyed because I intended to buy flux with them.

Thanks for the clarification, Linxy, but as the servers aren’t up, yet, is it not too late to allow us to use this week’s tokens to buy flux?

Except we can only get get 1k gold per token this week…

I am so mind-boggled at the reasoning (or lack of in this specific case) Blizzard has been giving as a response to the community requesting gameplay improvements. Soar nerf? Here’s a bunch of reasons that literally will not apply in game, many of which are out shone by other classes mobility and utility. Winds of Wisdom XP buff ending when season 4 starts because it was only intended for people prepping for s4? I’d really like to see how many people actually leveled a new character for season 4 given all of the end game systems you need complete before you can use a character in end game content.

I don’t know. why they didn’t switch to the S4 token items next week, when S4 tokens were available, and leave at least the consumables which aren’t changing at all for S4 to use S3 tokens this week. Had I know they wouldn’t have been available this week, I wouldn’t have bothered farming out vault slots for tokens for motes.


Didn’t read this before I made my selection of tokens because my 3 vault items were trash. Totally absurd that I can’t use Season 3 tokens to even buy Cosmic Flux.

So angry I logged off.


You can’t add sockets to S3 gear because vendor only accepts S4 tokens now. So angry.

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Just another absurdly asinine decision made by gigabrains at blizz :roll_eyes:

It’s extremely annoying that I can’t get genesis motes this week. I did 16 vaults across all my characters, was hoping to get 800 genesis motes, and today I find out that instead all I can get is 32k gold. I don’t have any use for 32k gold. I did 14 of those vaults before this post was even made, and I did the other 2 before I even saw this post. Please rethink this decision. Otherwise you’re wasting so much of my time.