Shadowlands Season 1 to End on June 28

The current season of Shadowlands PvP and Mythic+ content will end at 10:00 p.m. PDT on Monday, June 28 (1:00 a.m. EDT on June 29) in this region. At that time, it will no longer be possible to earn seasonal rewards, titles, or Shadowlands Season 1 rankings.

While previous seasons have ended when realms were taken offline for maintenance, we’ve chosen to set this season to end a few hours earlier, at a time that should be more convenient for most players.

Shadowlands Season 2 will begin the week of July 6 with the weekly reset in each region.

Please note – the Shadowlands Season 1 PvP Illusion Sinful Flame won’t be available in Season 2, which will reward the new Unchained Fury Illusion. So if you’re close to the required 2100 rating, now’s the time to push!


Finally some water in this desert


will Valor reset with this as well? asking so I can know whether or not to spend it en mass pre patch


good question?

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What will happen with left over cq points?

Also, is arena mmr deflation being addressed in 9.1?

any left over CQ point will be converted in to cash
with mmr i do not know

All hail our blue poster overloads

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Thanks for the warning, Blizzard, but I still don’t like your FOMO.


Does this include Cutting Edge?

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They typically “reset” these kind of things so you should. They never let you stack up a ton of [insert special currency] and carry it into next season.

Yup, cutting edge always goes away next raid tier as well as AOTC.

So does this mean Patch 9.1 is coming out in June/July or not?

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I appreciate the small indie updates!

Any comments on bringing back World Defense which was removed in Legion in preps to implement Warmode and ruining pvp servers?

Any comments on bringing back my end game content? The soul purpose I played this game?

After mind controlling thousands of horde off of Revendreth buildings and bridges I’m still not satisfied with pvp since that’s the only content I enjoyed this xpack.


Thank you for the announcement.

Can we expect 9.1 to drop around the same time since season 2 launches shortly after?

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I resubbed just to say this: WHAT THE HELL!? Never before in an expansion’s history has an enchant to a PvP season been season specific, and replaced with a new one! And you’re just now telling us twelve days before a season ends that this one is season specific and going away!? Where the hell was our proper notice? This ain’t right. Not right at all. People took breaks assuming they would be able to get an expac-long enchant because it’s always been expac-long, and nothing was said to indicate otherwise.

Edit: I should also be clear, I know this isn’t your fault Kaivax, but this is wrong on every level from the developers.


No, it does not.

Raid achievements will still be earnable until realms go down for maintenance.


9.2 out feb, so 8 months of 9.1 then 8 months of 9.2 then 10.0 because dont thinkj ppl can handle 8 months 9.3

cash or gold?


Ok guys, who’s ready to count down to 9.1.5 to maybe possibly kinda somewhat fix the problems 9.1 will have?


enchants always been u had months to grind lol y ppl always wait last second like kids in school waiting the final hour to do a project they were supposed to spend months on