Savage Inc looking for new great guildies (Best guild in Misha/Rexxar )

hey guys…
so we are looking for a few more great people to fill out our ranks. We are a large active guild of 990 members. Our officers take the guild roster very seriously so all the members are active.

  1. this guild is more like a family than a guild
  2. we have very high level raiders as well as casuals
  3. highest average ilvl on Misha/Rexxar
  4. cleared heroic EP
  5. we have fun

we have many raid nights (tuesday, thurdsday, friday, and saturday) as we have multiple groups for normal and heroic and are starting on mythic progression.
We also have nights set aside for pushing high level keys and mog runs.
We do have a website, facebook page and discord

Honestly we have a lot of great perks and if you are looking for a great guild and a better group of people definitely hit us up.

I can’t “post” links so here are the website names which you can copy and paste to check us out.
Warcraft Guild Roster -
Website with recruitment tab:
WowProgress Gear

Please feel free to add and message me on Bnet @ Snelly40#1218

bump… added bnet #