S4 honor gear rating requirements - one more time

Bringing this up one more time in the hopes you all realize that rating requirements do not make sense on the S4 honor gear given the other changes you have already made to the arena system in TBC classic.

Challenger in all 3 brackets was 1430-1451 on the final day of S3. meaning over 65% of the arena playing population are not even reaching the rating we started out at (1500) in original TBC. Yet you are using the rating requirements that were in place when a brand new team started at 1500.

It is one thing to start a new team and need to climb 75, 150, 200 rating. It is another thing to need to reach those ratings form 0 in this current system. It is pretty clear the bulk of your pvp player base is not doing this based on the rating cut offs. those old rating requirements just do not match up with you forcing the current retail rating system on us.

Throughout this whole expansion there has been no consistency with your decisions in regards to pvp. It has been just one slow to react change after another. often times after us telling you there is a problem for weeks/months.

  • lower the honor gain going in to TBC classic.
  • realize after months queues are bad, do same faction bg.
  • decide same faction bg instant queue isn’t fast enough honor give us increased daily honor gains.
  • reduce cost of honor gear in tokens.
  • raise cost of honor gear in tokens after s3 ends, but randomly just some pieces.
  • give us the first increase in arena points for teams at low rating.
  • shorten arena seasons so most people cant buy all the gear even with the increase.
  • lower cost for s3 gear because apparently you needed data to tell you people weren’t getting the right amount of gear.
  • tell us we are getting more arena points this week. J/K no extra points.
  • Tier 6 tokens will now be exchangeable for Season 3 gear. J/K not now.
  • randomly add rating requirements on honor pieces, but not S4 pants/chest, or correct higher rating on weapon/shoulders.

The fact that you left the rating requirements off the pants/chest and didn’t increase the weapon/shoulder costs tells me you know at least a little bit those rating requirements don’t make sense.

Your communication with the tbc classic pvp community has been complete garbage. There appears to be no effort made to think though how any of the changes or choices you make will actually play out over the season. how about a respond to us in the BCC Season 3 PvP Updates thread about all the stuff that we were told was coming but never happened.


There’s no consistency.
There’s no logic.
There’s no real communication.

Blizzard, 2022.


There’s no way the people who make these games play them. Even if $$ is the main focus they could do things a lot different to not only make play base happy but still monetize the small $$ purchases imo.


its such a mess…

I have said it before and ill say it again and I am an avid PvP’r and the only thing I stand to gain here are More people to play with by the following.

  1. remove ratings from Arena items; this kills off boosting for gear. Boosters are killing off the casuals and new players that are 100% needed to fill the bottom and mid ladder. They are and will be the new starts of Arena and without new players to stir things up and rise to the top the meta gets stale and the ladder breaks as it is now.

  2. Regarding Wrath.
    Change the Elite Arena gear to a cosmetic only option.

  3. Raise the standard arena gear up to the elite set level.
    4 Buff the BG set to the former Arena set level

  4. Add in Rated BG as an alternative progression path.

  5. Add in season specific tabards for say example 300 Arena or RBG wins.

  6. Make rating specific tabards for mile stone ratings; for example 2k, 2.2k, etc.

  7. Add in a season specific mount (use wrath era mount models please) that unlock at a certain rating or games played or won or something.

In have said it before, and ill say it again; accessibility to PvP drives PvP participation. When content is gated in a way that makes it inaccessible to new players our game modes die and no one Q’s.

We need more players; not less. While some PvP for loot and thats fine; those of us who PvP more seriously do not PvP for loot and instead for titles and because its fun, so removing the gear gates does not harm us or offend us Blizzard. I would rather face well geared opponents and win VS stomp them when they are in bad gear, because stomping noobs is boring; there is no sport in that.



They don’t care, they could have told us on Tuesday things or problems with the S3 or what will happen with S4 gear issues… but it’s just being mishandled.

“Omg, sunwell announcement out the door ASAP” including 2 days of nothing… There has been existing bugs of the S3 gear after Tuesday, so people have spent their points already.

I purchased a belt because I wanna pvp and thought there was 0 communication, but now the S4 one is available on Tuesday so I just wasted 17k honor and 20ab tokens because I bought it last night, and since I equipped it, I cannot refund it.

I feel like what you’re bringing up is just exactly the same, the requirements of gear is not the same as it was in TBC because of the start of Arena rating at 0 and that it starts from 1000 where you can actually lose rating.

Everything is inconsistent, no one is in charge and no one dares to take charge because TBC is on maintenance mode.

I feel like my time was just wasted. Like all that time grinding for something, just to know in 5 days, its outdated and it could have been avoided if they communicated. We were patient, it wasn’t like I was trying to spending ASAP. I was waiting for communication saying “we are aware of items not being properly priced” or “S4 is coming soon!”

Thanks Community managers, you fail at communication. You’re not addressing problems.

I don’t know why I am gonna put up with it.

I feel like this might be it for me.

Agreed 100%. It makes no sense that Blizz did not at least adjust the rating requirements to match today’s brackets – the way that they already did for title cutoffs. 1,450 definitely wasn’t Challenger in og TBC but it is today. So just do the same with the gear! If 1,750 was, say, top 65% of players back in the day, and 1,350 is top 65% today, then the rating requirement should be 1,350.

Literally the same thing they already did with the titles…I really don’t understand why they don’t do this.

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Yeah this is absolutely the wrong move. The rating for s4 off pieces should be done away with entirely but if they have to stay in then it should be adjusted down to reflect the rating changes they’ve already made. This is just going to gatekeep higher end brackets even more. Now near 70% of the pvp player base won’t even have their off pieces for the current season. This will just incentivize people to pay for boosts from higher rated players so they can get their off pieces so they didn’t waste all their time farming honor.


And the top level brackets are extremely gatekeeped. There are underground pocket of players who have alt characters lined up to queue snipe other top players to keep gladiator/r1 “for their bros”

They see a team not part of their circle pushing for Glad/R1, they queue the exact counter to that comp over and over.

It’s not addressed because it happens in retail too.

So ya, everything is screwed up.

sniping is way harder when there are more people on the ladder; its why we need to do everything possible to boost participation.

Yes, having a bigger player base and having the gear to eliminate the elitism surrounding the top is just awful now.

I came back for S3 and S4. I’m disgusted to find S3 was only 17 weeks and now S4 is gonna be like 8-9 weeks. The only top competitive folks are if they were playing S1 and S2 and had all the precursor gear for it.

I put in time and effort to get characters ready and now all that time I invested to making those characters good just makes feel like I wasted so much of my time. I wanted to enjoy playing higher level competitive play. My characters were just ramping up to push for higher ranks.

I thought the season lengths of S1 and S2 would be representative of S3 and S4.

The inconsistencies and the lack of communication has made me upset. I don’t blame the top end elitist players for doing what they are doing. If they are allowed to do what they can to make it so their friends are the only ones to get it, then thats what’s going to happen. It’s up to the community leads to spot that, figure out good solutions to combat those problems within the parameters of the in game systems.

I was looking forward to Wrath, but if this is a precursor to what is going to happen in Wrath, I’m pretty much done.

I place the blame on the lack of community leads putting in the time to address these issues. I don’t know if they were muzzled/weren’t allowed to make any changes though. If they wanted to do those changes and invest into the community but weren’t allowed to act, then it’s not their fault. I doubt we will get an answer or the transparency on what is happening with TBC Classic though.

And because of that, I don’t wanna continue.


cant blame you for that choice; they completely wrecked TBC; this is truly terrible handling of a winner game.


it surprises me to hear you say this, of the posters I’ve seen around for a while, which says something as I’ve absolutely seen you defend Blizzard and their decisions when you find it justified.

I agree.

I also agree with the OP and the replies on the rating requirements.

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It’s been really sad to see one of the most flawed, but iconic pvp eras of Warcraft squandered so hard. This was really something a lot of people came back for and they ignored all input from players and implemented questionable changes without communication.

We hear from the dev leads once every 2 years when they announce an expansion, what is that? All this “community” bologna sounds so corny and hollow coming from them after ignoring us for so long.

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That’s because you’re biased. I’ve been criticizing Blizzard for years. There’s also a difference between defending Blizzard and defending the truth, which is usually what I was doing when I was called a “Blizzard shill” a hundred different times.

Here’s a thread I made, which was apparently deleted by a mod. Because I transferred to Benediction, it’s harder to find all my old threads but this is only a TINY selection of my criticisms over the years:

Here’s another one, on my retail character of the same name:

It was also my tweet that got the conversation on Dual Spec going:

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Maybe I am biased, and I won’t deny it. Certain things have really annoyed me over the last year in regards to TBCC.

Thank you for the quotes (I don’t read General Discussion so couldn’t have seen a few of them). I do not think you’re a shill at all (there are some who I do, you aren’t one of them), and I think when you’ve defended Blizzard you’ve done so with complete honesty.

Sorry if you took that post in the wrong way, I promise I meant nothing negative by it. I think you’re one of the good ones.


Can confirm, not even trying since those ratings are well out of reach

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This needs more visibility (you know, in the off chance it hasn’t been visible for whatever reason).

Thats my favourite so far

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well what would be worse.

  • them seeing it and not caring.
  • not caring enough to look in the first place.

I really wish we could just get regular communication and it be consistent and delivered on time… Posts like this that bring up great points will never get addressed because they apparently just don’t care and don’t even play their own game.