Runeblade of Baron Rivendare

This would bring the totals to:

  • Paladin: +2024 Healing
  • Warrior: +1992 Healing
  • Hunter: +1992 Healing

If we assume PI does add to the snapshot:

  • Paladin: +2428 Healing
  • Warrior: +2390 Healing
  • Hunter: +2390 Healing
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A free and infinitely occuring 2k heal every 5 seconds would allow you to solo most 5 man dungeons (eventually).

But the fastest way to get blizzard to fix anything would be to abuse it maliciously until it is fixed.

If its deemed not a bug, then time for everyone and their mother to reroll as hunter paladin warrior and farm it.

Snappshotting like that is clearly not intended or authentic.

However having it scale like that may actually be tho…

it’s not farmable though lol

super duper low drop rate :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, not sure about the snapshot effect, but it does appear it scaled with healing all the way through WoTLK.

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The ratio and snap shotting have been fixed it seems. Got this earlier in the week and got a bunch of +healing gear. Was working up until yesterday.

gonna call bs on the poster above…

lashbringerToday at 11:18 AM

@tako can you test runeblade see if it’s changed?

takoToday at 11:35 AM

Yes, later on

takoToday at 2:40 PM

seems fine to me

lashbringerToday at 2:43 PM

Snapshotting too?

takoToday at 2:52 PM


The comments saying it scaled 1:1 are from years after vanilla ended, the first one seems to pop up in 2010…During Cata. That is years for a bug to happen so it’s not proof that the sword actually scaled 1:1 during vanilla itself, if there are comments from 2006 that say it does then post it.

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dude just go to the wow tools website - it shows 1:1 scaling for classic and has yet to be proven wrong on anything


Fierywind Empyrean🎩Today at 10:04 PM

@Theloras @tako runeblade DOES snapshot PI

I have the runeblade. Currently have my +healing at 564 health per 5 unbuffed. It scales with amp magic and power infusion, and it is not a bug.

Tremble before the Scourge.

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^ posted under my level 10 alt my bad


I’ve been testing it on my warrior, +400ish healing and it doesn’t seem to be scaling 1:1 like people are saying.

It’s gone now. RIP this beautiful bug.

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the snapshot or the 100% scaling completely?

100% scaling completely it seems. I’m not even able to heal to full with a lvl 22 bear attacking me with around 400 +healing on

Would be great if this change would get some kind of mention in the patch notes - I guess both scaling and snapshotting were bugs given this fix, but does that mean they ADDED scaling between 1.12 and 3.x when it was (possibly) confirmed scaling? Do we have to farm this if there’s a TBC Classic? So many questions…

Most likely removing the scaling is a change to the game. Blizz has made it clear that their no changes stance is pretty narrow, as they frequently break things they don’t like.

They are more concerned with the spirit of the game rather than creating a 1:1 mechanical and addon copy of vanilla.

Basically, even if it was in vanilla, abusing it could cause it to be changed under the current developers.

Hi All,

I wanted to take a second and clear up any misconceptions about the nature of this bug fix. The Runeblade of Baron Rivendare neither scaled with +healing nor snapshotted any +healing effects in Original WoW or the 1.12 Reference client. This behavior was a bug that was introduced into WoW Classic. As such, the fix that went into 1.13.3 that removed the +healing benefit and snapshotting restored this item to it’s original 1.12 state.

As this bug is now resolved we will be closing this thread now. As always, thank you for your reports and analysis!