Diamond Flask's HP5 snapshots

for reference:

TLDR - you nerf an item with quite literally the lowest drop rate in the entire game (even though WoW Tools showed it to have 100% scaling from +healing) and yet every single warrior will be able to get the Diamond Flask Trinket, equip +healing gear in every slot, activate the snapshot, swap out to their normal tanking or dps gear, and then be literally unkillable for 1 minute every 6 in PvE and PvP.

Solid plan amirite?


Oh damn, is it scaling 1 healing = 1 HP5?

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not just 100% scaling but it SNAPSHOTS - so you activate it with all +healing gear, then immediately swap out to your normal tank or dps gear

and still maintain the OP AF hp5

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Is it 1 for 1 scaling though? Like 500 healing = 500HP5?

yes 1:1 scaling

ZinekToday at 9:54 AM

@TwoTiger/Jacob my warrior core team are all dueling each other snap shotting it last night when I asked them to test they all went to ah and bought crap greens it worked. One guy was healing 200 hp a tick now they plan to go get full pre raid healer BiS and duel weapons with +55 healing for the clown suit to trivialize all raid content

Yeah, that’s bizarre.

Man Blizzard sure is silly these days. :>

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Thanks for the info Theloras - ill be sure to roll on some +healing/spell power gear to test this!

Please note: If this is infact the case its broken, overpowered and should prolly be hotfixed

Confirmed happens in game - i purchased a +42 healing cloth belt and it boosted healing. Will check to see if it snapshots.


Snapshotting confirmed.


Bought some more +healing gear. Also - swapping out the trinket removed the buff.


Vendored all my +healing gear - testing complete.

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Yes - i used a +42 healing belt and ended up snap shotting 51 healing.

yep hence the utter irony of the devs nerfing Runeblade - an item with the lowest drop rate in the entire game and confirmed to scale with healing from wow tools - compared to this trinket in which every single warrior in the game can easily obtain which likewise is confirmed to scale on wow tools.

i emphatically said nerfing runeblade even though wow tools had a 100% perfect score showing what in fact was scaling and what wasn’t would end up biting blizzard in the read end

PS this weapon ain’t unique or main hand only…


so a warrior is able to dual/wield them with +55 healing on each


kek 10 characters

FYI https://web.archive.org/web/20070402042442/http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=85661942&pageNo=1&sid=1
“Healing bonuses no longer apply to the Diamond Flask.” dated 03/20/2007

That was fixed in TBC so technically this should stay untouched.

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Use it on Vael for easy healing parse.

thank you for illustrating the sheer lunacy of Blizzard’s policy not to fix game breaking bugs if they weren’t fixed until TBC or later…

Heroic Strike bug says hold my beer.

and this too

omg imagine Warriors being #1 DPS AND #1 Healing on the same Vael fight due endless rage from fight mechanics allowing permanent full rage bar executes


with 2 x 55 healing on each Grand Marshal healing mace, this current gear setup would allow over +900 healing to any Warrior to enable the Snapshot HP5, they would then have 1 minute of +900 HP5 as they swap out to their normal tank or dps gear on Vael and blow up the DPS charts will spamming Execute sub 20% while healing themselves to full lol


It’d be pretty remarkable if Blizzard doesn’t address this seeing as Runeblade wasn’t touched until WoTLK…or was it after?

Regardless. It appears that Warrior should be able to snapshot ~3500heal/5sec with Power Infusion. Theres very little reason to bring a healer core more than a party size probably and stack even half geared Warriors as long as they can have a high enough Diamond Flask snapshot.

FML I forgot about Power Infusion and Amplify Magic…

Once ZG comes out, every single Warrior will roll on Hakkar Heart for…

ZHC trinket lol

hell they will roll need on ToEP now haha

Correct me if there are any differences that could be made I just spat this out from memory:

Crystal Adorned Crown
Amulet of the Fallen God
Wild Growth Spaulders
Robes of the Guardian Saint
Cloak of Suturing
Bracelets of Royal Redemption
Peacekeeper Gauntlets
Corehound Belt
Empowered Leggings
Boots of Pure Thought
Pure Elementium Band
Ring of the Martyr
Eye of the Dead
Rejuvenating Gem
Scepter of the False Prophet
Hammer of the Twisting Nether

With enchants, consumables, and amplify magic that’d be +2522 healing and +3026 healing with power infusion snapshot.

Maybe it can get higher.