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I’m coming back from a over a year long break. What I’m looking to do is kind of a fresh start since it kinda gives me a headache trying to go back on my main And try to figure out what I should be doing lol. So I’m looking for a US guild that is in need of a a new member. I have played many different classes but most familiar with DK. I prefer plate classes, but I’d be willing to play DK, Pally, Warrior, Warlock, Demon Hunter or Hunter depending on what the guild needs but like I said I’d prefer a plate class. I can tank or DPS. And once I find a guild I’ll start leveling my new character on whatever server and whatever faction (I prefer alliance but I’ll go either way). I can usually play daily. I’m Eastern time zone and work during the day but can play most evenings and weekends. Once I’m leveled and going into shadowlands I’ll be interested in raiding M+ and some pvp. Haven’t pvp’d since MOP so I’ll probably need to pointers lol. I’m looking to start leveling my new toon tonight or tomorrow as soon as I find out what server and faction I need to be. Thanks

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Hey Craash,

Crimson Brotherhood is looking to add some ranged to our group. Check us out.


How’s it goin mate! If swapping to emerald Dream-alliance is a possibility, our guild junction would love to have you! There’s plenty to do in our guild, whether it’s pvp, mythic +, raids, transmog runs, or just socialize! I’ll post the guild info below and feel free to message me!

What you can expect from us as a guild:

  • A sense of community and direction!
  • Communication!
  • Strong & passionate leadership!
  • Overall friendly environment suited for all skill levels!

The raid team finished nyalotha 3/12M AOTC . We are looking for more members that would like to venture into mythic raiding. More specifically, we’re looking for the following;

  • 1 main and off tank
  • any Mythic minded DPS

While we’re happy to accept anyone, these are the roles we need specifically for our raid team at the moment. Current raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 7:30p-10:30p CST (server time)

We also do the following:

  • PvP (BGs and Arenas)
  • Mythic+ Pushing (+16’s and higher)
  • Achievement Runs
  • Old Raid Transmog Runs
  • Alt Levelling

How to apply:
If you would like to apply and have any further inquiries/questions, please reach out to me via BattleTag: Professoroak#1732 or Discord: Elitefourlance#5703

We appreciate your time and interest. Hope to hear from you soon

Hello there!

War Theory is a semi-hardcore, 3/12M raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow - US. We strive to complete every boss of the current content before the start of the next raid tier, on a two night, six hour a week, raid schedule. We welcome healthy competition in our roster, and our goal is to promote a balance between progression and fun, while maintaining momentum throughout the current tier.We are a guild that strives to create long-lasting friendships in a virtual world, because let’s face it. This game sucks to play alone.

Raid Times:

We operate on a two day raiding schedule, with an additional optional re-clear night.

Friday: 9PM to 12AM EST (6PM to 9PM PST)

Saturday: 9PM to 12AM EST (6PM to 9PM PST)

Monday / Thursday optional extra progression day or heroic clear.

Second Team operates:

Tuesday: 7pm to 10pm EST (4pm to 7pm PST)

Wednesday: 7pm to 10pm EST (4pm to 7pm PST)

Team One: Full
Team Two: All classes / specs to fill current roster

Additional questions can be directed to Adzz (Revorah#1321) on Battlenet and Adzz#4670 on Discord.

Interested? Join our recruitment discord to fill out an app!

Greetings and well-met, Craash! We here at The Dignified would love to have you join us as we head into the new expansion! Our raid progression team currently has openings available if you’re looking to push the envelope with other players in a more serious (but still fun-going!) setting, and our casual team always has spots available for players looking for a more relaxed, less-demanding pace. M+ is practically a daily occurrence with multiple people looking to run in whichever path the keys system takes them, as well.

Our guild was founded on Blade’s Edge (now part of the Blade’s Edge/Thunderhorn/Agamaggan/Archimonde/Jaedenar/The Underbog server group) back in 2011 and has been a longstanding name in the community. We offer a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere free of the toxicity and drama that comes with most other content-driven guilds. If this seems like the place for you, feel free to contact me on discord as dreadcorgi#3409. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to me (Tanthelara-Thunderhorn) or Freezerburns-Blade’sEdge in-game via whisper or in-game snail mail :slight_smile:

Whichever path you decide to take, welcome back to Azeroth!

It says you are not accepting friend requests. Feel free to add me on discord Crash#3313

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Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

And sent. Reply whenever you are able to, I understand it’s still early and on a Monday so people might be at work.

Hey Craash,

I am the GM for our guild, Invictas, and I think our guild could potentially be a great home for you! We are a smaller AotC/Casual Mythic guild on Alliance US-Proudmoore, and our raid times are 8-11PM EST on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We’re currently on raid break until Castle Nathria hits the game, but we are actively recruiting for our raid team for Shadowlands.

Here’s a link to our standard recruitment post if you wanted to learn more about us.

My Discord tag is Chat Mom#4179, and my BNet is Mom#11116. If you’re interested, I would love to set up a time to introduce you to the guild and have a conversation about your guild search. Best of luck finding your guild home!

If you’re still looking then we’d be open to taking in more ranged for our raiding roster!

We’re a semi-hardcore guild on Alliance Turalyon that raids Tues/Weds from 8-11 pm EST, we aren’t a hardcore CE guild by any means but we like to push mythic with a chill relaxed raid environment while getting serious for the bosses that call for it. Our prog was unfortunately cut short in Nya’lotha due to burn outs so we aren’t currently raiding and most of our members are still waiting for Shadowlands launch but we’re a pretty active guild when there’s stuff to do.

I’ll leave our additional info below but if you’re interested then please fill out a short app on our guild site - hope to hear from you and if not then good luck on your search!

Info: [A] <Chaotic Neutral> Recruiting for Shadowlands!
Guild Site:

Good morning Craash,
Allumination is a guild that has been together for more then 15 years between Wow retail & Rift, we just came back to retail from hard core raiding in Classic Wow. Our belief’s are that friendships are the most important accomplishment we can achieve here in game :star_struck: We are a guild full of amazing , friendly , helpful people who have a lot of fun together. Check out our recruitment & give me a shout thru bnet :grinning:Allumination ~ Stormrage

Hello, horde side on Thrall. We are recruiting in regards to Shadowlands raid content for weekday as well as our weekend raid team. We are AOTC guaranteed, Mythic progression, with heroic always on farm.


-Wednesday/Thursday: 10:30-1est.

-Looking to recruit for Heals, DPS and possibly Off-tank/DPS

-Hard progression, strict enviorment, Must meet requirments.

-Heroic -> Mythic



-Looking to recruit anyone

-Laid back casual enviorment

-Normal -> Heroic


-Good Attendance barring Emergencies

-Fully enchanted , with personal food and proper pots for your class and spec

-A general understanding of raid bosses as we approach them

-Improving yourself thru world questing, reps, keys, etc…

-Good knowledge of your toon and spec, if need assistance this will be the player responsibility to seek this out.

-Cauldrons will be provided

The goal is to succeed as a team and progress thru content via communication,structure and continued improvement in and out of raid enviroments without the elitist mentality or attitude. We want to supply opportunities for the entry level raider with our weekday team as well progression raiding with our weekend team.

Please contact the following on Discord.

GM- AwesomeIsMatt#1304

Officer- Saraid#2102

Officer- Alfaro#7894

Great group here!

Hello Craash!

My break was a bit longer than your’s (10 years potentially longer than your’s) but I have returned with a friend of mine to ramp up recruiting for Shadowlands raiding. We have a preferred composition we would like to hit for our core group but ultimately looking for anyone who wants to join.

We raid Friday/Saturday nights (due to working during the week) from 9pm - 12 am CST. During our time, we hope to push Mythic content and further. If you are interested, send an email to, send me a private message on at Gingivits#11827 or send me a message on discord at pdubbs34#8341.

I would like to set up a time to see if we are a good fit together!

Thank you and good luck finding that perfect fit!

Hello, What the Fox, Horde guild on Auchindoun is looking for more. We are a group that has raided in WoW, Aion, Rift, FFXIV, and have recently returned to Wow once again. We have been knocking around BFA, pushing M+ and intend to start out Shadowlands with Heroic, then into Mythic raiding. If you havent already found your new home and are interested, message me either in-game LuvMachine#11708, or Discord Cy#2301

Designated Killers [Baelgun/Doomhammer]

We are a new guild formed by six in-game friends from Baelgun and Doomhammer, social by nature while focusing on progression. Were always running mythic+/raids and would love to have you.

We are currently forming our core raid group: regardless of your experience come learn with us and get prepared for SL.

What to expect:
-Casual, mature, friendly, respectful environment
-Weekend raids (Saturday/Sunday)
-Daily M+
-Always someone willing to help
-always looking to improve/open to suggestions

Feel free to message me or any of our officers with any and all questions/concerns:

  • Zion#1600 or “Genetic” in-game

Lets talk and I bet we hit it off.

Hey Craash,

I’m reaching out on behalf of Reserves-Zul’jin. We’re recruiting for our Guild/community and think you’d be a great fit for our goals as a guild. Take a look at the hyper-linked recruitment post and reach out to me if you’re interested.

Best regards,

Hello Craash!
My guild Evolved might be a good fit for you! We are an 18+ community and most of our members have families, jobs, etc so we understand the importance of real life coming first. Because of this, we do not require 100% raid attendance. Everyone is super friendly, mature, and a ton of fun to be around! We like to focus on having a strong community as it makes the game so much more enjoyable, and our main goal is to have fun together!

We raid Weds/Thurs from 8:30-10:30 pm EST. Evolved is a Horde guild on Area52. We also have a sister Alliance guild on Proudmoore.

You can contact me at Grimmy#1990 if you have more questions.

Here is a link to our recruitment post: [H] Evolved Gaming, 18+ guild recruiting! 10/10H CN - #348 by Grímmie-area-52

Guild: Risen From The Ashes
Server: Dawnbringer (US)
Faction: Alliance
Raid Schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday from 9pm-12am cst.
Needs: Everyone!
Progression: New guild, so no progression to share. :frowning: But we have 12/12H raiders and some with mythic experience.
Goals: AOTC each tier while we are building (we will progress as far into mythic as we can). CE is the goal for the last tier.

~New guild that is looking for mature, friendly raiders! We are a raiding and mythic+ guild. Any experience is welcome! We love raiding with a good group of people and progress as far as we can. This is a really chill, non-drama, fun raiding environment to be apart of!
~DM me if you are interested or for more information!
~Come try us out! :slight_smile:

-Discord: @Tano#7981 or my btag @Caseclosed#11853

Cat Out Da Bag is a horde guild on Thrall formed by a group of friends that just returned to wow looking to set up a raiding guild to clear AOTC and hopefully enter into mythic raids. We’ve been playing together in multiple different games for about 5 years now.

Our raid days are Tues/Thurs 8-11pm EST and we currently need all roles.

If you are interested, feel free send me a message!
Bnet - Silverhand#1937
Discord - ainnan#6764