[A][US-Proudmoore] <Invictas> Is Looking For Friends for Heroic/Mythic Shadowlands Raiding!

★ About Us ★

Invictas is a semi-casual raiding guild that strives to find a healthy balance between having fun and progressing through the current raid tier. Our meta-goal is to clear the Heroic level of the current raid tier, and to then venture as far into Mythic as the team is comfortable with. We strive to foster an accepting and upbeat environment where players can find reliable teammates, meet new friends, share some laughs, and generally enjoy the game. Our central backbone is built around friends and our guild’s community, and we focus on enjoying the game we play together. Outside of raid, we also look to run Mythic+, Legacy Transmog Runs, PvP, as well as other games outside of WoW.

★ Raiding Schedule ★

Wednesday: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM Server Time (US Pacific)
Thursday: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM Server Time (US Pacific)
(Note: The guild is currently on a raiding recess until Castle Nathria is released. But we are currently actively recruiting for Castle Nathria!)

★ Current Raid Needs ★

Invictas is currently seeking all Melee and Ranged DPS players to join our raid team. Below we have identified specific classes and specializations that are currently on our priority list (Note: Feel welcome to apply even if your class is not on our list!):

  • Demon Hunter (Havoc)
  • Hunter (BM/MM)
  • Warlock (All)
  • Priest (Shadow)
  • Druid (Balance)
  • Mage (All)
  • Shaman (Enhancement/Elemental)

We are also looking for an additional healer as well! Preferably a MW Monk or a Holy Paladin.

★ Interested In Joining Invictas? ★

We are excited to be considered as an option for your current guild search! While we always welcome those who are interested in joining the community as a friend and a social member, we do ask for a few specific requirements if you are looking to raid with our team. Below are a few additional in-game raiding requirements:

  • An inclusive and positive mindset.
  • A desire to progress and improve.
  • A max level character ready for Shadowlands release.
  • Normal and/or Heroic raid experience (not required, but a bonus!).
  • Raid logs from BfA or Legion (not required, but a bonus!).

★ Guild Contacts ★

Pete (Guild Master)
Mom#11116 (BNet) | Mom#3038 (Discord)

Twinkie (Guild Bank Manager)
Twydoc#1175 (BNet) | Twydoc#8472 (Discord)

We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you the best of luck in your guild search!


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We’re still looking for more friends! :smiley:

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We’re still looking for more! :slight_smile: