Returning player can't find any OLD characters

Last time I played was 2014. I think I remember the server names but I don’t see any characters. I tried as suggested created a new character, but no luck. Also, tried the suggestion to remove the cache folder.

What’s next?


As long as you’re on the right account, they should be hanging out on whatever server you left them on :wink:

You might need to go server-by-server to find the right one (don’t rely on the server selection screen as it won’t show the right number per realm after that many years away) and just see if you can find the right server.

Alternatively, there’s a chance one of our awesome blues might be able to take a peek and see what server they might be on too :wink:


I did open up all the servers that might have been it, but no luck.

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Most of what I see here is on Zuljin. One was on Silver Hand - a level 3.


Hmm ok, thanks. I don’t really remember that server. I’ll take a look, the one character I’m missing was one I boosted when I got WOD, probably the only one at that level. This was the account I used for that I can see the purchase in emails. Well dang.

EDIT: if possible can those characters be moved off of Zuljin, It appeared to be Full alot?

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Just because it says full doesn’t mean you can’t log into it!

If a realm is ever too full you’ll get a que and have to wait in line to log in! Which usually only happens the first week a expansion is out in my experience.


You can but it will cost you 25$ a toon no bulk options.

I have lots of characters on Zul’jin on 2 accounts. There’s never any wait to log in.


I have the same question, I have found 3 old characters so far, but it is tedious to go through each of the realms, I still am missing a hunter, and my Tauren Druid was riding mounts, but now is level 32 ??? and no mount, so i have lost a lot of progress


Druid you are looking for may be the one on Ursin. Those will need to be renamed since the names were released from age. I see some on Khaz Modan, Destromath, Lightninghoof, as well as very low levels on a few other realms.


You can also use the character services to find your characters and that’s a lot faster than logging on to each server.

You do this from the character select screen. Click the Shop button and select Services, and then for instance a character rename. You don’t actually have to start the service or pay anything, but you will get a select screen that will show you all the servers you have characters on, and what characters are on those servers.


The character services trick no longer always works for finding characters on accounts that have been inactive for a very long time.

An account that’s been inactive for six years may be pushing the limits of that method but it’s worth trying first.


I’m having sort of the same issue. I was thinking about returning. I haven’t played since Cataclysm. WoW website says I only have one character on Malfurion but, I was pretty sure I had some on Kil’Jaden and another server. There is also a note saying I played in 2018 but I don’t remember that. I’m wondering if my other characters are still there.

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Probably! I recommend downloading the game client and logging in just to check on Kil’jaeden. They may not show on the realm list, but if they’re there, they’ll show up once you actually log onto Kil’jaeden.


Thanks! I found them. I didn’t know you could login without a subscription.


No problemo!

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I am having a similar problem. It has been 8 or 9 years and I had characters on multiple servers but I am going nuts trying to check them all. What’s the shortcut?

There isn’t a shortcut. Servers won’t display characters on them unless the server has been logged into (to the character select screen) within a certain period of time.

If you don’t know where your toons are, your best bet is to buckle down and go to character select on every server one at a time until you’ve located your toons.

To save yourself some time and potential heartache, make sure you check for deleted characters too as you go through each server.


Hello Orlyia,

Made a come back.

I was able to find 2 of my old characters, on Zuljin. It’s been to long, can you tell me if I have other toons elsewhere?

Thank you


The characters on this license appear to be on Zul’jin and Eitrigg, Exante. :slight_smile: