Realm Transfers and the AQ Event

With the upcoming Ahn’Qiraj event in WoW Classic, we’ve seen players discussing transferring to a different server to become the Scarab Lord. We’d like to clarify that there is a 90-day period following a character transfer, during which a player is prevented from opening the gates and obtaining the mount.

If you transfer to another realm, you will still be able to complete the quest within 90 days of the transfer, however, you will not receive the rewards associated with being the first to turn it in. We want to allow players to transfer, but that should be so they can play with their friends, not disrupt another realm’s Scepter race.

We hope this clears up the concern.


Was looking forward to this drama :frowning:
Fun detected I guess


Certainly time for a class action lawsuit right?

Interesting choice. Am okay with this.


Oh boy, here we go :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:


I transferred to Netherwind on May 4th does that mean I cannot be a scarab lord on that server? Does it work retroactively or for those who transfer starting July? I hope it’s for those who transfer following this post because it’s not fair to be hosed while I didn’t have the information back then.


if cleavis approves then i approve


Gonna have to word this decision

Can we still get the title of Scrub Lord though?


so no word at all on if it’s going to be layerd or change up the war effort items? Thanks blueman… really wanting people to stew on this crap huh.

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to elaborate my own thoughts…

this actually doesnt change all that much for the first servers to open – they will still probably attract a couple whole guilds to raid AQ a couple weeks earlier (if you’re into that sort of thing…). you will deter a few bug grinders on servers with no early war effort from xferring to the early war effort servers, and i guess that sucks for them (and kind of in general) but…

…the benefit is on the back end, when the last servers are opening their gates, now we won’t see mass migration of people with scepters from AQ40 rep grinds (read: tons of people) moving to slower war effort servers to get bug mounts. and THAT was potentially going to be the largest chunk of scarab lords and had the potential to swing server populations for the worse.

so yeah, i’m okay with it.


Uh oh. Blizz is on to you sneaky sneaky.


The amount of communication leading up the phase 5 has been good Kai. Thanks for the updates, and answering what questions you can.

Now please help get us more CMs :smiley:


For what? You don’t own anything.

You subscribe to access what Blizzards owns, that they can do with however they please.

Read the TOS.


it’s almost like scarab lord is meant for people who actually have a tie to the server and work hard with the community to get it, not for guilds to just hop to a server and snag it from someone.

good stuff blizz




Then you need to fix how the event works. There are servers with world first guilds who are banging the gong on the second tuesday and stopping everyone else from the questline and don’t care about the server or the community. With the 90 day restriction, we cannot even xfer to BEGIN the questline. If I xfered RIGHT NOW, I still could not do it due to the restriction.

Guilds who are thirsty to get into AQ40 ASAP are planning to bang asap and do not care about the gong.

There needs to be a change to the mats or make the Might of Kalimdor RP walk take longer, alot of people planned on xfering to realms who have a coalition to get more scarab lords.

This change ruins many peoples dreams and goals and is very short sighted


Gonna be some angry lil carebear server locusts. :cricket:


Are people that have recently transferred within 90 days before P5 be grandfathered in and able to get the mount? Or does this only apply post P5 release?

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This has been something that has been in retail for a long time. In wrath this same rule applied For realm first titles so if you’re blindsided by this you either didn’t pay attention or play during those times. So yes if you transferred within the last 90 days of the event coming out you can not get the mount.