Realm Transfers and the AQ Event

yes, you will not be able to get it if it unlocks within 90 days of May 4

Y’all couldn’t say this earlier?? I transferred to play with friends not even thinking about the AQ event in May. So if I were able to complete the quest in time for my servers opening I can’t get the mount because I transferred months ago? Maybe make it like within the month or something… but i transferred months ago without any negative intention.


It’s pretty well known

Blocking cheese is always a decent change.


Seems stupid to not announce this at least 90 days out from the release of P5, or to at least to Grandfather people in before P5 Drops.


Are you attempting to get Scarab lord? No? Then it doesn’t matter.

Did you transfer for the sole purpose of getting scarab lord on a low pop server? Then yes.



It’s targeting people who specifically transferred to take Scarab lord on low pop servers.

it affects literally no one else.


Is it in place already? Would really like to know.

How is it stupid? I applaud this decision. Server jumping to do stuff like this is not fair to those on the low pop servers who were already there. Dance with the girl you brought to the dance.


My guild transferred to Netherwind because our server was dying and had a 15% horde population, now I cannot go for the title.

Should have waited until the complaints came in. Ninja change it, watch them xfer for nothing as they try to screw others over

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The realistic chances of you getting it unless you’re in a mega guild are slim to none, and if you were going to go to a dead server and take it from them just to go back to your own server; then I’m glad your dreams dead. Even then if that wasn’t your intention, you shouldn’t get it on a server you have no real connection to or take it from that servers community.

It’s a good change.


People arent trying to screw anyone, they are trying to get their mount they were gonna work for. Do you know how much TIME and EFFORT it takes to do this quest? its 28k bugs killed

what about the war effert and small sever with little to no horde or aliiance side. Are they just SOL

Then they can do it on their server


that can be in WOTLK classic when you see DK’s running around with scarb lord and all they do is remove the quest line

To bad. Simple solution is to be on at reset and bang the gong when the guild does so you can still get the rewards rather than go to another server.

This sounds very much like a you problem.

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Adjust your raid for 2 weeks, you need the support of those players anyway.

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You realize you have to do BWL/MC to finish the questline? You have to loot the head, farm the rep, do BWL/MC for quest items, get the scepter then bang. Do not speak if you do not know the grind.

if you get the scepter before they do just oh idk WAKE UP early