Is it possible to server transfer silithid fragments?

Is it possible to transfer silithid fragments from one server to another?

No, you cannot transfer Silithid Carapace Fragments to another realm. You can give them away, sell them on the Auction House, or turn them in for reputation with the Brood of Nozdormu before transferring.

Please keep in mind that you also can’t ring the gong within 90-days of transferring.


how does this get a response so quick. but major issues dont. such a joke


it’s almost as if…community full of critical negative morons nit picking everything to death…plus multi layered levels of support that are authorized to address an issue…nah…couldn’t be that it’s a business.


except they made a post already saying you couldnt transfer. then people post good forum posts looking for blue responses, and no where to be found.
troll elsewhere


Please point out in the post they linked where it says you cannot transfer with carapaces.

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AQ Expectations heres the post. and heres the sentence For example, players cannot transfer a character that has Silithus Carapace Fragments in their bags or bank. anything else? also this was posted 13 days ago


Wow that’s a solid answer. Classic team is on a roll.

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when will get a reply about if you’re going to open the transfers -.-

they only answer terrible forum posts LOL. so never ahaha

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how come you respond this quickly…

Open the transfer plz… at least give us any update

Maybe the response is quick because the person giving it can actually answer the issue without asking or confirming with the superiors before.


Maybe it’s a silent protest against the man.

Because he is a CM. He can only relay information and answer very basic questions. If the CMs aren’t addressing “major issues”, it’s 99% likely that they haven’t been told anything/haven’t been given the green light to.

But way to assign a negative reinforcement to CM communication. I’m sure that can only improve their willingness to communicate with the community.


Go to corner. You on timeout.

The blue post was very good. I’m glad that issue was resolved. On my server we make the horde work for thier scarab lord, we camp scarab lord bosses like we camp our world bosses. We were so threatening that the horde brought multiple guilds (over 100 players) at 2am ish to crush our defenders. They have been tested and have been proven worthy enough to claim thier title and mount. Salt for the Salt God.

Probably when they’re ready to open up transfers, duh.

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When the servers aren’t overpopulated, I’d say.

facts lol. well get a blue post the day after transfers are open

Would be nice if you were this responsive with the transfer restrictions. I think it’s time for an update pal. My server has not had queues in months yet is still locked.