My guild xfer to Netherwind last month, now we cannot get scarab lord

Why this cannot be warned earlier?

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To be fair your chances weren’t great anyway, there are guilds stocked to the teeth and ready to go

we have at least 30 people agree to help grind. Even not a try? oh come on

This is nothing new for WoW isnt it? I was under the impression this has always been the case with events in wow, Server firsts etc etc etc.


It has.

This isn’t a new thing.

Now you could argue they could of reminded people sooner.


Shouldn’t have transferred.

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Back in vanilla , i played on Perenolde in a guild called Axion , the gates were already open by the time were cleared bwl so we transfered to a brand new server named Ysera where the gates were still closed . After doing the quest and grinding out the rep we had agreed with the horde guild to open the gates Wednesday afternoon. For whatever reason our GM decided he didn’t like the horde guild leader and ninja opened the gates at 2 am on Tuesday morning before the server shut down for maintenance. His intention was to keep the horde GM from getting the title and mount . Obviously this prevented everyone else from getting to enjoy the event .

Long story short - after they rolled the servers back and let everyone participate in the event he got banned our guild disbanded and they stopped allowing guilds to do the quest after transferring to a new server .


Re-read this. It is NOT a new change. Just a reminder that this all ready exists. Making an uninformed choice to transfer is not Blizzard’s fault.


How would he get banned for that?

The horde made a fatal mistake of trusting the enemy. That’s on them. Let your failure be a reminder.

Pretty that would be considered griefing the whole server because maintenance used to take all day Tuesday and no one got to do the event as he started it at 2 am (servers went down at 4 iirc until 3pm or so) . I quit playing the next day when all of itonforge was spitting on anyone in our guild .



There is some years old naming and shaming in this thread that I’m completely here for. :salt::salt::salt:

That’s an awesome story and it’s crazy to see how involved blizzard was in individual servers and communities way back when


I was on perenolde back then too.

what this to do with transfer? another local ally guild can ninja it as well

obviously tried to transfer exploit and got your fair justice. haha!


It has to do with the transfer because I believe he is basically saying this story is likely the origin of the policy.

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Highcrown btfo?

I could be reading this wrong, but the blue post seems to indicate that it isn’t a change - it’s a reminder.

That is, it’s not something new, it’s something already in existence. Now, while I wasn’t aware of it, that seems to be what they are saying, ie:

“We’d like to clarify that there is a 90-day period”. So its a clarification, not a change.

I mean, there are a lot of things that are part of the game that they don’t announce, a lot of systems and procedures that we as players need to acquaint ourselves with. It may be frustrating but it isn’t as if they have done it as a punishment.

It is not a change. Folks are lucky blizzard gave the reminder of the way it works