Server Transfers?

that’s why we should keep posting it everyday!

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Just dont transfer to a mega server

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Im going from one mega server to another

I don’t care the transfer to super mega server such as whitemane.
I want to transfer one to sulfuras which is ok for now.

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That’s not what they said

Read the second paragraph

It’s simply a reminder of an existing limitation for server transfer with AQ gates opening.

AQ is going to bring more traffic, I doubt they are going to unlock them any time soon…

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They legit said in the post i linked they want to allow players to transfer

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To servers that aren’t full is how I read it

and currently there are no full servers…open the xfers!

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The post you linked doesn’t say this at all. It talks about transfers that players can do now.

It does not say “we want”.

It does not talk about unlocking transfer-locked realms. As you know, transfers TO 26 servers are not locked now. That is what this comment is talking about.

I was going to ask about this – it sounds incorrect. Is it the same blue post?

Only 9 servers are transfer-locked, because they are over-crowded.

I have seen NO comment from Blizzard that those 9 servers will be unlocked before their over-crowding decreases.

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Legit in the post from Kaivax that i linked, the second paragraph,

And they aren’t over crowded, there are no ques and its dead at off times there are only 45 lvl 60s in org right now on Faerlina at 06:54 server time, and if you say its because their raiding, no one is in Molten core, its only mages and hunters in Zul gurub, mainly guildless, and no one in BWL, and if oyu say they are grinding for rep in silithus? only 15 people in silithus, 17 in western/eastern plaguelands, 14 in winterspring, 15 in Strat 3 preists and 12 mages, all guildless

So i dont think it’s too over crowded

from what they said, about disrupting the scepter race, so that kinda seems before AQ unlocks as a raid

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Open the transfer!

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It makes sense to open transfers specifically for those of us with 60s on those servers. The only thing stopping me from re-rolling my druid alt is the chance that a transfer might become available. If I don’t see this happen in the next month I’m just gonna have to start leveling again from scratch so he can join my other two 60s.

Please open the transfers, even if its just for those of us who have already re-rolled legitimately.

I’ve tried to reroll, I’m a slow leveler, currently lvl 43 at 4 days 2 hours /played, but I’m not going to hit level 60 before AQ unlocks and no where near the gear my main has

Is there alternative way to directly discuss with Bliz?

Nope, because customer support isnt even in the same area as anyone know can make one of those decisions

what about tweet? we really want to get any comment from Blizzard for this…

Sadly it’s about patience. Maybe it will happen soon maybe it won’t. Nothing can be done about it.