Server transfer Que's

As a solution to the mass guild transfers or overloading high pop servers may I submit a option for your consideration.

Que our char to the server we would like to go to so that we can play with our friends, be in a different environment whatever. I don’t know the time-frame maybe que is like 1or 2 weeks, or even 3 or 4 months long, this is your call! This would act as a deterrent from mass transfers of guilds or entire server populations blowing up servers making population management a problem. However this would also allow players the chance to be with there friends and or families on whatever server they were at. Hoping you will allow a small trickle of players that would enjoy the game extremely more if they were allowed to play with the people that they want to play with.

AS for my personal situation, I have been waiting months I used free transfers off and now One of my character that didn’t make the deadline is stuck on a Very low pop server that I don’t enjoy playing on. On top of that the realm that I have all my friends and other characters on is not accepting transfers at all. I would be able to use my char again sometime in the future before an nax an expansion or something. My friends are gone, I’m stuck somewhere that I don’t want to be, my options are very limited, it feels like the character is being wasted. I feel this option would be super helpful to at least 10 others in the community that I know that are like me stuck in a bad way. Thanks for your consideration.

Thanks for the suggestion. And special thanks for explaining your ideas.

Every player idea helps Blizzard figure out new and better options.

What’s a login queue?

ya this isn’t about log in ques but your right. Its been 20 days sense this post went out, I am still waiting for the server I would like to go to to “UNLOCK” When can we who were left behind join our friends?? NEVER?


This is a solution to “a problem forming”, before it happens. This is not a solution to “a problem that already exists”. It’s too late for this idea.

Servers will unlock as soon as the problem goes away. That is not Blizzard. Blizzard did not cause the problem. Blizzard is waiting, like you are.