Realm Connections -- September 29

Following regularly scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday, September 29, the following realms will be taken offline. During this additional maintenance period:

  • The Exodar and Medivh realms will be connected to the Alleria and Khadgar realms.

As many players know, this connection was previously planned and ran into issues.

On Tuesday, we’ll begin the additional maintenance period for these four realms at 8:00 am. PDT (11:00 a.m. EDT), and the realms will come back online when the connection process is completed, which we’re estimating to be around 4:00 p.m. PDT (7:00 p.m. EDT).


Regular, not extended, maintenance, except for the connecting realms, means the patch is October 6th (although that was already becoming evident)

Thank you for the patch date announcement, Kaivax! :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you please confirm if this will be the last round of connections that will occur before Shadowlands? There are many people on Earthen Ring waiting to hear about a connection for that server. The players on that server have been very vocal about this so it would be great to get some kind of response. It seems unfair to leave us from Earthen Ring in the dark when Blizzard was quick to respond to players on Proudmoore and Hyjal when there was a proposed connection for those servers.


This pretty much confirms it’s not this Tuesday sadly… guess it’ll be October 6th.


Yep. The 6th is left standing as our patch date by elimination. (So they might as well make it an official announcement)


Well crap, so much for having a good week screwing around with prepatch on Tuesday. Guess I’ll just work on my PS4 backlog or something.


Honestly sucks though to have a pre patch for only 3 weeks :cry: I am also a little worried that they may even make the pre patch only 2 weeks… but best not to think like that I suppose.


Why? There isn’t even 3 weeks worth of content.

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Well for me it’s not so much the content but the new leveling system I have quite a few allied races to level and I wanted to try leveling out with the new method instead of the old. Also others including myself would probably want to get used to the class changes for the next expansion.


The entire first week of 8.0 had nothing, except letting people adjust to class changes and the like (which are more significant with this patch). Regardless, before this, pre-patches ran a month or more, even when events were not as major. This will be the shortest now.

You know what though I still kind of have my hopes up since apparently the servers will be down until 4pm this Tuesday coming up.

It states that extension is only for the connecting realms for the purpose of their connection.

Unlikely. The last merger downtime (Sept 24) was also supposed to last til 3pm PDT or so and the realms were back up after like 2h downtime. Their announced downtime covers for the possible problems they might encounter, but I don’t think any of the realm merges have actually lasted the long blocks they say they’re going to take.

WTH?!? Please let me get the hell off of Medivh!!

I’ll be glad when prepatch is here so people stop saying when is prepatch and switch to “why does my spec suck?” threads


Easily could be Oct 13th.

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They can’t, if something goes wrong again they may need to push to their stop dead date: October 13th.

Two weeks is way too short for a pre-patch, especially when we still have the second part of the patch to be released. And they said, when they made that decision, it was to get the first part of the pre-patch to us sooner. What would it have been before, a one week pre-patch? Also, they gave the end of season warning on Monday. If it were planned for the 13th, that wouldn’t have happened until sometime next week. The PTR was tagged for a release until last night, that is an indicator they were prepared for the release as soon as the 29th. I think the Khadgar realm thing was the setback. But not be enough of one to push it two weeks away, since they are proceeding with connecting it on the 29th.

October First Pre Patch date perhaps. The last connections were all done on Thursdays. So it’s a bit weird it’s happening on Tuesday unless…

Although most pre patches are on Tuesdays so Probably the 6th.