Realm Connections -- September 29

It’s really not for this patch, it has almost no content and only two weeks of quests.

Wait Exodar still didnt happen? Why is my dead realm so complicated.

No reason prepatch can’t continue for x amount of time after SL launches :man_shrugging:

As best I can tell most of what would traditionally be ‘prepatch’ is after the expansion officially launches anyway. So yeah this is true.

Connect brazillian realms please <3


Can we please get some information on Earthen Ring’s status? We’ve been asking for a month now and we haven’t heard a single word.

Our server is in dire need of a connection and we’d like to know if we should stop holding out hope.

#mergeEarthenRing #connectEarthenRing #saveEarthenRing


POGGERS giving us barely 3 weeks to test out the biggest changes coming from any pre-patch ever happening for WoW ty blizzard very cool!!!

Silver Hand would love to have you. It shows us as “high population” most of the time but it’s one of the most dead servers I’ve ever played on.

Good luck finding anything on the AH.

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#mergeEarthenRing yall, come on, please!! Even a low pop server would be good. Even if you have to change time zones or whatever! We need more people. Why are we being so left out…?


Considering what they’ve done to the actual event, two weeks is actually appropriate for it.

Also, this gives them times to get things like this fixed properly.

Retail says hi? A lot stopping them from “just pushing it back a week”

Who knows, they might decide it isn’t ready by then and push it back again. That might be why they haven’t made it official yet. Though I will be surprised if a solid date isn’t given by this next thursday.

Rip Shandris/Bronzebeard

Pre :clap: patch :clap: please :clap: and :clap: thank :clap: you. :clap:


Maybe it is time to do something about the bottom 10 servers that keep getting passed over. Meanwhile watching servers 3 to 5 times their size be merged to others. Save these ghost town realms and let the people there enjoy how much better the game can be on a moderately populated realm.


Connect brazilian realms pls
It’s impossible to make gold in the AH


As long as Blizzard sort out the US realms they don’t care about any other region.

True fact that.

is it still possible they release it on the 29th ? whats telling us it can D:

Come on Blizzard connect Earthen Ring! We’ve needed a connection since the last round years ago and have gotten nothing but absolute silence. Why the silence? As stated above, there have been a good number of Earthen Ring players very vocal about the issue, commenting on your connection threads and submitting it as a suggestion through the in-game help menu “like we are supposed to do”. Come on!

#mergeEarthenRing #connectEarthenRing #saveEarthenRing


And going to reiterate as someone who has reached out to in-game GMs, customer service, what have you: these are the things we were directed to do. So we are going to keep doing it.

I understand this realm connection, and Khadgar in particular, has been tried multiple times in the past and encountered issues. I wonder at times if this is why Earthen Ring is passed up because it, like Khadgar, is one of the OG realms.

We are raising our voices as much as we can and would really, really appreciate transparency on why our realm and other small realms are being passed up, and what criteria there is to have our realms connected. Earthen Ring is already CRZ’d with Kirin Tor, Argent Dawn, Sentinels, and Scryers. Connecting our realms to them and other RP servers would be ideal.

When I am in Boralus, it is actually not uncommon for me to see more players from our CRZ neighbor Argent Dawn than from Earthen Ring itself.

My guild and many others are about to enter yet another expansion without a realm connection. As some of our progression GMs have chimed in, recruiting and maintaining an active roster is difficult, and they are kind enough neighbors to fellow raid guilds to not poach from what is already a small player base. Recruiting off-realm players is even more difficult, and pugging disqualifies ER raiding guilds from raid achievements.

In my realm of roleplay, we are spirited but small, with communal events being attended by the same groups who are happy to see one another, but cannot branch out and add new friends without poaching from one another or somehow recruiting off-realm to a small and sometimes ghost-like server. Smaller guilds or free agents who could manage to transfer off server without leaving friends behind have already done so. My guild is too large to transfer without drawing a line between the have and have-not guildies with funds to afford every main and alt to continue enjoying the game as they do now, and that is a non-starter for a guild that has been together since 2007. Those still on Earthen Ring are not large enough to have what essentially has become a private server to itself and only wish to have the same play experience as other players without paying additional fees to transfer off-realm.

Knowing what is the future of Earthen Ring and other similar realms, along with whether this is the last batch of realm connections, would be a much-appreciated blue post!