Prepatch Pushed Back

The fastest was wod, the one he handed in the last quest and hit 50 on was legion


Just posted it.

As soon as i hit post i was thinking wait a sec WoD was the fastest. I figured you’d be back to correct :slight_smile:



It is as foretold


Eh, it’s good to get that vid out there anyway to dispel rumors that you hit 50 after like 2 zones.

Well that’s the final nail in anything before the 6th, rip, nothing to do for an extra week :frowning:


Cult has been debunked like 5,782 times. But sure, your guess is as good as anyone else’s.

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AWC has nothing to do with the live season or its rewards. It does not award the seasonal r1 title or hero from RBGs which is what comes with the end of the season. It is literally just tournament players who play their AWC matches on separate realms.

You have said this multiple times now and it makes no sense. There is just no relation to the season continuing and the end of AWC.

I’d rather have a pre-patch that has fewer bugs. Logging into a pre-patch (or SL even) with game-breaking bugs won’t be satisfying for anyone. Believe me, I want to run as far away from BFA 8.3 as possible, but it wouldn’t be enjoyable if you couldn’t even play your class you wanted to “test out” (which you can do on the PTR currently).

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Thank you for posting that. If I can experience the entire expansion before hitting 50 I’m partially happy. I would like to still use Chromie Time with xp cut off but as long as I can experience the entire expansion that is definitely good. WoD is on my list so I guess skip the teasures or bonus objective I don’t know. I just see no point in not allowing the use of it with xp off.

Dev Notes:

Chromie Time was proving too volatile and difficult to work around within the game. To account for this, all clocks (including the UI clock) have been removed and Chromie Time as been changed to Casino Time


What exactly does that mean?

I look at it this way. I always say I have fun in this game no matter what is released in a patch. So I’ll just have to find a way to make Chromie Time work for me if it doesn’t work exactly how I would like.

They might still drop it on the 29th.

We won’t know for sure till the day comes.

The update on the PTR could easily be a temporary state.

This post points to a big “no not this Tuesday” though.


Stupid Dadgar, first he makes me farm extra crystals in legion now he screws up prepatch launch.

Um… wasn’t pre-patch in multiple parts?
Pretty sure they could just be testing the second half.

No, prepatch was all of 9.0.1, 9.0.2 is the prelaunch patch with any fixes, probably put out on the 26th of oct.

We had too many crystals and overloaded the system lol!!

How does one push something back that never had a release date to begin with?