Realm Connections -- August 27

Update August 27
We’ve discovered an issue connecting Muradin and Nordrassil to Azjol-Nerub, Blackrock, and Khaz Modan. We also had an issue connecting Andorhal, Scilla, Ursin, and Zuluhed to Eonar and Velen.

We’re planning to try those again next week. We will let you know an exact date and time for it, as soon as possible.

During a scheduled maintenance period planned for 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PDT on Thursday, August 27, the following realm connections will be made:

  • The Antonidas and Uldum realms will join the Akama, Dragonmaw, Eldre’Thalas, Korialstrasz, and Mug’thol realms.
  • The Muradin and Nordrassil realms will join the Azjol-Nerub, Blackrock, and Khaz Modan realms.
  • The Anvilmar and Undermine realms will join the Alterac Mountains, Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, The Forgotten Coast, and Warsong realms.
  • The Andorhal, Scilla, Ursin, and Zuluhed realms will join the Eonar and Velen realms.
  • The Arathor and Drenden realms will join the Anub’arak, Chromaggus, Crushridge, Garithos, Nathrezim, and Smolderthorn realms.
  • The Garona realm will join the Icecrown and Malygos realms. (This connection was begun, but not completed, last week)
  • Kargath and Norgannon will join Agamaggan, Archimonde, Burning Legion, Jaedenar, and The Underbog.

We are planning more realm connections for low-population realms, and we will post further notifications like this one in the coming weeks.

Thank you!


No Shadowsong/Borean Tundra yet again :persevere: please help us


Please join Kilrogg/Winterhoof with somebody :). Please and thank you!

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that would be nice if blackhand/galakrond would connect with more =)


The list this week looks good. It’s like various baseball teams getting new players. :grin:

Also, is this Garona’s third attempt to be connected? I believe in you! This week will be your week!


Yes please. Can’t wait to see what they will merge our realms with (I’m hoping they plan on merging them).

take a number and wait in the line… 70% of the other specs that are being ignored since april are waiting for something.

But they all have Blue Posts. We can’t even get 1 blue post. Big words coming from the Lock with 7 blue posts already. Nor any bug fixes. Same bugs after 3+months now.

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Kargath and Norgannon will join Agamaggan, Archimonde, Burning Legion, Jaedenar, and The Underbog.

pretty happy with this been on Archimonde since day 1 but do you think the server can have a new name? There’s a lot of servers.

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It is what it is…

I wish my main spec would get some atention still nothing in months… monks arent special to the rule sorry, all specs are in dire need of a complete redesign.

And I’m halting here, I don’t feel like getting a ticket vacation for OT.

Ravencrest/Uldaman need connections like years ago


Oooof, not a good look when you have to connect 7 servers together.


certain servers in part of the world are dead it’s unfortunate but this is expected after all the sub numbers are way down than they used to be as we all know by now.


I sure hope there are more connections coming for servers they have already done a connection on. We now have 7 realms on our cluster after last week and that still isn’t enough.

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Does anyone know if there are still issues with guild gold going missing? And was it just gold or items as well? Thanks in advance for any response.

Edit: did not mean to reply to a player, just in general, apologies.

And yet, still going to be dead servers to boot.


While I guess this is a positive move for these servers it makes me sad to think WoW is losing the population it once had.

By this point in the game’s lifetime one would think that realm transfers would either be free, or considerably discounted…

Or at least take into consideration the dwindling realm populations on specific realms, and allow these players who are unfortunate enough to be stuck on said dead-end realms, to transfer off of them for free? Free realm transfers off of “over populated realms” has been offered before, just offer it in reverse. Just kinda grasping at straws here. Reason being because I strongly doubt, after all this time and all the scrutiny the company has faced in terms of their business politics, it doesn’t seem ActiBlizz will ever allow anything to be “free.” But obviously something needs to be done about player population disparity. Connected realms seem like more trouble than they’re worth but if that’s where they want to focus their resources then here’s to hoping it creates a sustainable system. :crossed_fingers:

the problem with this is the fact that players can move their gold/items from 1 server to another this kinda has some effect on servers economy…