Realm Connections -- August 20

Hyjal is not currently a connected realm, so of course you don’t have this problem - yet. Wait until most of your guild has a different realm name and a lot have alts to save their name on your realm name.

Maybe but that’s a good problem to have for people in the situation of having around 5 active players left on a faction that run content. Alliance hyjal side has one guild doing heroic ny and working on that elusive N’Zoth kill.

And again it just doesn’t seem like a problem when I try to imagine it. If it’s my friend or a guild mate I’m trying to talk to I could message them on discord, in guild chat, in a community chat, add them and message them directly on battlenet if I find myself having to reach out to them that often.

Maybe it wouldn’t bother you if you mailed a stack of flasks to some stranger instead of the intended recipient. You’d still notice it pretty quick.

Guess I’d have to experience but again for me how often would I be mailing stacks of flasks? Alas it wasn’t meant to be.

Cairne/Perenolde was connected to Cenarius in the first connections, in early August. They’ve had two sets of connections (the second last week) just this month.

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Rejoice, because:

That connection results in a roughly 164% increase in server population, based on WoWprogress’s population statistics.

wowprogress is really, really bad for gaging population statistics just saying.

both realms have a similar population (the Chromaggus cluster has a slight edge though), and they have similar faction splits yet the opposite faction dominates so once that connection goes through its going to be as close to 50/50 as it gets between alliance and horde I recon.

You’re right, I didn’t even think about that, I wonder if they can do a “Battlegroup” realm. Everyone is under one name, yet different servers to keep the names. For Ex: Velen will be the Primary name, Then you see a dropdown for the different “shards”. I just like seeing every one in one server under one shard. That’s a big thing in classic that builds community. I don’t like the crossrealm see everyone and never see that person again.

That would definitely be useful, it’s a mess atm with the server names, we’re likely to get clusters of 15 servers in one!

They have done it in Asia where its actual server mergers, 3-4 realms get merged into a new realm that is created and they had a priority system that the oldest names get priority and if not you might have to rename your characters…

Fun fact: of the 5 regions, the US region is the only one that has never had a server name decommissioned. (EU has also had 4 realms closed down back In Wotlk when they created Russian servers, asian servers obviously had many more servers being closed and merged than that.)

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How do you figure it would have been “significantly” impacted?

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Because anonymous GD forum logic, from an insecure individual who has basically replaced their reality with that of their in-game communities and its culture.

There’s a lot of these types of people in the game.

Replacing video games as an escape from real life; “Google search: define addiction”.

This exact person basically said that all of Hyjal’s population are monsters and that connecting Hyjal to Proudmoore would ruin both the Alliance and the Horde population because all of Hyjal players are bigoted anti-LGBT monsters. Even after several of us, myself included, have stated that the LGBT community on Hyjal is happy and healthy and we would be more than welcoming to Proudmoore’s “unofficial LGBT realm” status. Whatever.



Wow, you seem very informed about the realm history, which are the 4 realms that were closed down in the EU?

Molten Core, Warsong, Shadowmoon and Stonemaul.

Ahh, I had started playing right in wotlk, but was a casual till cata, so haven’t noticed at all.

they were decommissioned around the time Wotlk launched, dont have an exact date but they were some of the first servers to go offline.

in Korea it last happened in 2013 I think, where they killed off 16 of the 26 servers at the time and merged those 16 servers into 8 new servers that they then connected into connected realms

they did something similar in Taiwan and thats how some servers like the “order of the cloud serpent” server came to be.

China I dont know how many they merged but they have a support article on the Chinese telling you what server your character would be on if you were on one of the deleted servers and just off that at least some 62 realms got deleted there alone!

For Reference (In Chinese)

Wow, chinese ones are crazy, and complicated, with those districts!

And yes, if the eu realms got decommissioned at wotlk launch, it’s not even a matter of paying attention, I started pretty late in wotlk, in 2009, people were recruiting for TOC and ICC and I had no idea what they were, and my realm, quel’thalas, had a very active trade chat, which now you wouldn’t really recognize, even if it’s now become high pop again following a new players period, trade chat is just not the same as it was, and it’s been low pop too during these last years, like wod.

Korea and taiwan have very few servers left compared to the other regions.

Think of districts as nothing more than datacenters… only they actually separate them on the Chinese realm list (something they should do with US servers)

Indeed single countries that are isolated from other countries and each other despite technically being in the same region (the have the same world quests/lockout timers/friend ID list etc, thats why you cant have a KR and TW wow account on the same but my point is these regions have also been heavily affected by server closures, each region (TW & KR) has lost 16 servers a piece, and if that wouldn’t have happened their realm list would be much more bloated, especially Taiwan is really heavily reliant on connected realms, and has the highest rate of server connections among all wow regions (in percentage terms).

Any asian server with a sever ID above 2000 basically only came to be through mergers of old decommissioned realms.

Yes, true, they lost a significant number due to those closures.

Btw, since they’re about to be connected, did you notice the odd situation with alterac mountains? People said before it’s marked full but it’s dead, and on my check around end july it was still showing as full but on raider io it only has 30k people and abysmal guild progress, no mythic full guilds, only 13 hc and so on, normally full servers require 100k on raider io, so I have no idea how it shows up that high!

it was always showing as full, and is a prime example why the population marker on the realm list is useless.