Realm Connections -- August 27

That’s not a problem that outweighs the problems of dead servers. There really should be free transfers from any dead realm to any medium pop realm. High or full might be a different story but I can hardly imagine how bad it is if the two servers I mainly play on for Horde and Alliance haven’t been merged yet… yikes.


Dead servers it’s because way bigger issues.

What he’s asking is: “there should be a discounted price” you know pretty well it doesnt work like that services such as server transfers are constantly generating money.

Yeah, exactly this. But what I don’t understand is that, with WoW being introduced in 2004/2005, exactly how much more revenue do these character services need to create? And who does the money go to? Didn’t the CEO just get a huge chunk of money while some hundreds of employees lost their job within the company? As I stated, their business politics seem pretty messy these days, so that’s kind of a whole separate discussion.

But also, wouldn’t free transfers to move all of your characters together be healthy for the longevity of the game? Idk, that’s just how I see it. I would personally enjoy having all of my characters together on the same realm, rather than either a) having to pay out money to enjoy playing a video game or b) restarting on a completely different realm because the one I started on is now a barren wasteland with no future of enjoy successful group content because there’s nobody else to play with. :man_shrugging:

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Can blizzard please confirm if merges are being considered for all regions? Not just the locally North American ones?


Blackwater Raiders/Shadow Council still wait patiently for new server friends!

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Why do we have to continually have to wait for this information to be drip-fed to us instead of putting the entire list of what servers are being connected before any of it has begun? Really hoping my server would get some support, but from the looks of it only insanely small servers are being connected if there are groups of seven realms being connected.


This round certainly seems to be dedicated to creating clusters that are just a mishmash of tiny servers but there have been some much larger servers that had connections go through a few weeks ago.

I read it more as wow’s population is centralising now more than ever… Area 52, Stormrage and Illidan are bigger than ever and this obviously leaves smaller servers behind.

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Third time’s the charm? :sweat_smile:

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The servers all keep their original names, there is no one name for the group nor is there really a need.

Suramar will be connected - they have been connecting medium population servers and there is no reason you are special.

My main was on a high population server and we certainly didn’t need to be connected but we were.

Usually yes!

I see only 1 aggressive connection here, the first, based on raider io numbers akama cluster must be either high pop or very close to it, the result will be definitely a high, and maybe a low-end full realm.


Um I’m pretty sure Arathor/Drenden needs to be connected to abour 15 other realms of its size to feel like anything of substance. The current connections are nice but it still needs a lot more to be noticeable.

Can you at least give us a list of the realms you are planning on connecting? Or the ones you consider low pop?


Willing to bet they have you marked for Terenas/Hydraxis at some point, we’re already sharded with y’all all the time.

Would you guys please take a look at the Brazillian realms? The only “healthy” subsection of the community is Azralon’s Horde. Azralon’s Alliance is pratically non-existent, while the other servers (Goldrinn, Gallywix, Nemesis + Tol-Barad) still face population problems like sinking economy/auction house, guild roster problems for endgame activities, etc.

Ideally, at least Goldrinn, Gallywix, Tol-Barad and Nemesis should be part of the same connection, which would create an stable, balanced “mega-realm” for us.

Thank you ~


WTB Bladefist merger, PST


I am here representing many players of the Brazilian WOW Community.

The Brazilian World of Warcraft realms are being emptied and players are migrating to North American realms due to the lack of players, mainly in the Alliance side. Currently, 44 out of 50 top guilds in Brazil are from the Azralon realm. Aside from that, Azralon has 20% more population than all the other Brazilian realms – TOGETHER! It is impossible to do content in the other Brazilian realms, mainly in Alliance. In addition to the lack of players to organize raids, there is also the negative impact in the game’s economy.

We have created an online petition and an infographic to help to spread this idea, but unfortunately Blizzard is not listening to us. Currently, our petition (which started in august 21st) has a little bit over 2250 signatures. We want to be heard!

Our goal with the petition is for Blizzard to connect the other four Brazilian realms together (Gallywix and Goldrinn with Nemesis and Tol-Barad (the latest two are already connected) so we can play! It is incredibly sad to see so many players abandoning their own realms to move to Stormrage, Illidan, and so many other NA realms, because they can’t do any content with their preferred faction.

With the realms’ unification, all players win: PvP players will be able to find guilds with the same objectives and organize groups with more ease; it will be possible to raid Mythic within the Alliance; the Horde will have more competitivity in PvE and, the most important thing, the community will get stronger, because more people will be able to play together.

And, like we stated previously, there is an infographic (in Portuguese) explaining the reasons for the unification.
barradois .com/unificacao-dos-servidores-de-wow-no-brasil/

Thank you all in advance for your attention.

Amigos Brasileiros que apoiam, vamos usar a hashtag:



Please, Blizzard!
My guild currently on Gallywix is ​​switching to Stormrage due to a lack of players for Mythic content. :frowning:



Help us prevent more players from migrating to NA realms…



We remain firm and strong in the fight!
Seguimos firme e fortes na luta!