Faction Change error

I would like to purchase a faction change for my character and its telling me “error, select a different realm”. I have nothing in the AH, I have no communities or anything else and cannot find any information in order to fix this. If i cannot do the purchase because of some realm issue then it shouldn’t be advertised as a service.

Was it a recently merged server?

No idea, I’m pretty new to the whole wow

You could pop in a ticket an ask, could be a few things. Recently merged realm, full realm, something in your inventory like a caged pet blocking it.

Which realm do you want to go to?

Well i looked into some info, im currently on Muradin which says low pop and its apparently joined with nordrassil. I have no pets in my bags or anything that seems to conflict with faction changing. I was hoping to just faction change on Muradin. I do not have any characters on alliance at the moment.

Muradin was on the list for a realm connection, but it looks like it was put off, but this could be what is affecting you at the moment. Usually realms that are crossed out will be connected at a later date if the connection is not completed on the first attempt.

Ah, thats unfortunate but probably the issue. Thanks for taking the time to find that information. I’ll keep an eye on the Muradin status

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