Msg to Blizzard!

When will we see server merging again, I have been playing on Blackrock for years now and it’s sad to see this server dead.

This server pop is LOW and the server is dead, I see that other low pop server got merged a long time ago, but this server has not been merged. It has been dead for ages now and I hate not being able to sell anything.

Everyone I knew left this server already and I would love to do the same thing, but it’s really expensive to move all my toons out of here. I have too many alts to transfer.

Can we please have this server merged any time soon, I would like to keep playing on this server.

Thank you


100% agree with this and thank you for saying it.

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Same. I have 9 toons on this server and I really don’t want to move them all or one and lose all my shared resources.

Blizz, this server is dead and a shell of it’s former popularity. Can you please merge it? Help make the game feel more alive.

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I agree, selling stuff on the ah is hard.

Blizz merg us!

very much needed

connections incoming :smiley:

It is supposed to be today, but the server hasn’t been taken down, so…?

Blackrock was already connected to a couple of realms last week.
This can be confirmed by seeing playername/realm on the auction house.

…but there are still some issues to iron out: