Realm and Login Issues [9/8]

[Update 5:50 PM PDT]

Hey all,

My shift is over, and I don’t want to leave you all with an opened ended thread so I’m going to close this down. The login issues, and realm issues we’ve been working on today continue to be investigated.

I’ll leave this topic pinned here so others can easily find and refer to it, but for updates please check out our Technical Support forums.

Thank you all once again for all the reports and details you shared throughout the day.


[Update 3:00 PM PDT]

We’re starting to see some positive results but I’d also like to recommend that folks who are still experiencing issues try the following steps:


[Update 1:25 PM PDT]

Thanks for all the continuous reports folks. I’ve been relaying what information I can to those who are working on it and it’s appreciated. They’ve been working out the root causes so that everyone can get back in game. I don’t have an ETA to offer at this time but if you continue to experience realm specific issues, do let us know what realm in your reply.


[Update 12:50 PM PDT]
I’m being told that things seem to be recovering but that they are still looking into some realms where character issues persist. It’s not considered resolved at this time, and the remaining issues are under investigation.


Players are currently experiencing high latency and disconnections as a result of DDoS attacks towards certain internet service providers. We are currently monitoring this situation and will provide updates as they become available.



Solve this already. I am the one who need to monitor!


Come on Blizzard get to work. I was trying to level and this crap happens again. Spend half of the day getting rid of them while treating customers like dogs. (again)


I’ve only gotten to play like 5 times lol. I had so many life obligations, went away for work and then a hurricane took my power out for two days. Now I try to play again and we have another DDoS. The universe doesn’t want me to play this game lol.


Don’t say that. Wait are you alliance or horde?


I don’t see any blue posts trying to respond to all their customers in distress.

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Can’t play the game. Again. Wait, I mean for the 438927489238947238948923 Time

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this is sad blizzard. your better than this

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What if this is an elaborate conspiracy that began with Classic. Rake in the players through Classic, then fake ‘DDoS’ Classic servers so players buy and play BFA?

I’m onto something. :laughing:


I think fortnite hired someone to attack the game so they can get their twitch views back.



Yes, there is another DDOS attack in progress that is targeting ISPs. You can use the BlizzardCS Twitter for updates. It’s also been posted in the Technical Support forum

Understand, that DDOS can’t aleays be stopped before it starts. Only once it has begun can work be done to mitigate its effects. It has nothing to do with the year, nothing to do with the size, prestige, financial position of the target.


Get em! Sic the lawyers on em till they squeal for mercy like a Redridge dog


Cannot log in, I pay you guys. You make so much money, you can afford better security protocols. Come on, you are better than this. I was really looking to playing WoW with my wife this weekend and now this.


I agree, what is this , private server? Really disgrace.

pay some engineers to solve this, heck hire a company if you can’t.

You have a gargantuan budget.


So got booted mid instance and getting log in server full. Whats going on now?


Yeah, whats up with this?

Any word on the the Log-in servers are full?


Same on Windseeker Classic. Got Dc’d, then there is a que, then you get DC’d again.


Another DDoS attack. And we just had one yesterday.


we getting 3 days added to our accounts for this weekend ddos?