Random bug list for 1.14 Classic Era

Everyone, please post every and all bugs you find here for the 1.14 Classic Era patch. As to why none of this has been caught in the PTR, that is because the character copy function was broken on the PTR and there were not patch notes to determine what was being changed or what to check for. So below are the issues I have, so far, found:

  • The gargoyle mobs in the hallway before Noth in the instance Naxxramas are causing a client crash to occur for every logged in user in the instance whenever the mobs are engaged. The specific crash error report is as follows:

"ERROR#132 (0X85100084) Fatal exception!

The instruction at “0x00007ff681ed9ad6” reference memory
at “0x0000000000000002”.
The memory could not be “read”.

  • The item “Icebane Pauldrons” are both vertically and horizontally misaligned on the human female character model within the game. Possibly other items are affected to have incorrect placement on character models.

  • Level 60 mounts (eg. Swift Razzashi Raptor) no longer have mount special noises when the spacebar is pressed. They still make noise when summoned and when taking fall damage. This is similar to the level 40 mounts (eg. Chestnut Mare Bridle).

  • The Help Button in game to contact customer support refers to support in the Shadowlands Client.

That’s all I found so far in about 3 hours of playing.


During the Maexxna encounter in Naxxramas, players who get web wrapped are appearing on the ground level rather than up on the wall.

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I can’t mount my bug mount anymore. tried clicking from bags as well.

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Everything is way too bright. Looks like I’m playing retail not classic.

  • It has been reported there is some issue with guild tabards? I was not given a clear explanation of the issue so I am unsure if it is either a visual issue or that guild tabards somehow became unequippable.

  • As stated above, another user confirmed that the Quiraji Battle-Tank mount is completely non-functional outside of AQ40. Unsure if it will fare better within AQ40. Other bug mounts remain unaffected.

May not seem like a big deal but there is a green color option missing from troll face paint. Like before 1.14 my troll had green shamrock face paint and after it was changed to some ugly Dijon mustard yellow. Its like they completely removed it I dont understand. I have screenshot proof I can post later when I get home.

It is worth mentioning i lowkey went on a vanilla private server to check and the option still exists there. So something broke i think.


I added screenshots to clarify

  • Before 1.14: https://imgur.com/a/FlWpQUF
  • After 1.14: https://imgur.com/a/DnpPwMk
  • the audio ambiance from the eyes within Naxxramas after clearing a wing are no longer making any sound

Almost every addon that renders frames or frame backgrounds is BROKEN.

I’m talking addons I have used since Classic was launched.

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  • Casting a spell now dismounts players. I believe this is a bug, but I am not entirely sure and have not fully tested the range of spells.
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Shaman weapon effects (rock biter, flmaetongue, ect) are no longer showing on your weapon after 1.14


Mount sound effects missing.

  1. Guild tabard does not show. It is invisible.
  2. Inside Onyxia’s Lair there is a dominant shade of green.
  3. Druids are able to shapeshift from one form into another without going human in between, I was told.

Swapping bags in bank slots does not graphically update the displayed bag icon.


This is not a bug. It was what it is intended in Vanilla.

  • Items that were % crit and hit may be getting calculated as crit rating and hit rating gear which skews lower level characters to benefit far more from such stats. It may be possible that a fair number of TBC only calculations & stat changes have affected Classic Era.

It IS a bug as it exists in the scope of classic/vanilla wow.

What was “intended” in vanilla is not the same thing as how vanilla actually functioned.
Classic Era is supposed to be a recreation of vanilla wow as it used to be, not a mutation based on what devs nowdays may have ‘wanted it to be’.




Yeah, particularly weapon glows, enchants, etc are massive in glow size. Something is way off with that. Seems to be reducible by lowering particle density in graphics settings, but obviously this is not a good fix.

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Update: Mount sound effects still missing.


If it was intended in Vanilla, it is imperative for it to be there for an authentic wow vanilla experience as one would experience it as intended, so no. Hard disagree.

Also, you can do this anyway with macros. So this change is technically no changes.