PvP Tuning Changes for June 9

Where are the lock changes? These are all just indirect buffs to Destro which is currently the strongest spec.

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Without greater heal and holy ward being so abusively OP, Holy Priest stops existing in pvp. The spec is in horrible condition aside from those two spells.
I can crit a shadowmend for what a greater heal does under the right conditions.

Gotta fix Holy’s underlying problems before you tweak their last tools

nerf destro/mage you clowns or dont put out vers nerfs out. nothing but broken destro fire on ladder 10 min games . how are you that blind ?

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Disagree. We need to remove Gpie, Greater heal etc because they are bad for the game. Then we can fix their design. This would be better for PvP as a whole. If they are unviable for a season while getting design reworks that is okay if it make PvP better overall.

No one can deny that Gpie and Greater Heal shouldn’t be in the game. Saying that they are needed just isn’t true. Remove what is atrocious then design and balance after. Lets get these things out of the game.

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Just so we’re clear:

The cocoon and reaping flame changes are good, although mw needed a bigger nerf.

The spite fix and versatile nerf are bad and what everyone is hating on (mainly the versatile nerf).

The biggest of issues being the fact that there’s been classes/specs breaking the game since 8.1 8.2 and when we give feedback for YEARS, these specs dont even get mentionned in the seasonal pvp hotfixes.


Reminder that you still have time to delete this and make better changes blizzard!

I’m confused as to why people are complaining about the vers nerfs. Even though vers is more effective offensively than defensively up to 50% damage reduction on your target, doesn’t this change make setups more valuable (due to less damage reduction in stun setup comps. Most of my characters will be around 50% vers with procs up) and alts more competitive?

Obviously they need to make lock and mage changes in addition to the list but I thought the versatile change was a good one. Granted, it would probably be better if they hit conflict & strife major instead.

Of course they shouldn’t be in the game. They’re terrible design. To remove them without fixing the class design though? That’s not fair to (in this case) holy priest players. Holy is already not viable in 3’s. If you remove gheal and holy ward you make it not viable in 2’s as well by removing the only things that make it work.

You’re asking someone else to sacrifice their viability for your fun. That’s not right.

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wish there was a way we could all organize a mass boycott of the game until ion hazzikostas is ousted as lead dev. ever since he took over everything has been downhill.


While I understand nerfs are never fun, these changes truly don’t hinder Holy useless.

Holy Ward having a shorter duration just ensures the skillcap increases versus teams that lack a dispel. If the team has a dispel, Holy Ward is usually removed before the 30 seconds are over anyways.

Increasing the skillcap for anyone, is never a bad thing in PvP.

Also, the suggested change doesn’t ask for a nerf to the amount healed by Greater Heal, which is very strong, it just brings the amount of mana more in line with faster game play.

A holy priest simply sitting in the middle of the map spamming very few buttons can extend a game well into dampening. Greater Heal should be redesigned in Shadowlands, true, but until then we need to help stop the dampeners.

I’ve added an adjustment to the OP. We’re also now testing and planning this change:

Azerite Essences

  • Conflict and Strife now increases the defensive benefit of your Versatility by 50% while stunned (was 100%).

Again, these aren’t destro nerfs. :frowning:


Can you stop trolling and nerf destro?


Ah yes: “we have heard your complaints about versatility and choose to ignore the hundreds of complaints about destruction warlocks on this thread and otherwise. nope, nothing we can do to tweak them that won’t affect their PvE viability (mastery tuning, DR tuning, demon armor tuning).”

real slap in the face


With this change the versatility nerf should be reverted. This is a good change otherwise though.

Also why are soul leech, focused chaos, and combust not getting axed hard in PvP combat?


Please consider 25% or less.

Stunning the kill target should not be a detrimental thing to do in PvP.

Can we rework mw? It’s always just at the mercy of blizzards dial to tune mana or hps. No real good cool downs or that much utility. Also, locks??? Lol!

please cntr f destro and try to justify their current tuning

i promise c9 will still win games if you fix destro for the 90,000 players that have to q into it 9 out of every 10 ladder games


Destro is fine :joy: :wink:



C & S, have it give a 5% or 8% damage increase against enemy players.

Remove the double damage reduction effect.

Severely nerf versatility damage reduction scaling.

Also nerf mage/lock.


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