Meta Pacing post vers/conflict changes

With the changes to versatility, I’m thoroughly convinced the meta will transform into the most disgustingly slow cesspool seen since S2 BFA. Nerfing conflict major was a good change - having people go into kidney and lose 5% of their HP looked stupid, but without any additional changes I just see a mage/rogue meta returning.

Hopeful Blizzard considers the two major problems at play here that are making balancing so difficult - (1) vast majority of classes’ overall damage/healing/defense/etc. are coming from corruption and (2) core abilities have become borderline useless outside of the other effects they trigger.

Please consider buffing baseline damage on filler abilities. Make them scale better. Keep versatility’s bonus damage in PvP while nerfing its defense provided as a band-aid fix and then look at things moving forward with a lens where classes power is largely derived from their own toolkits and immediate effects, not passives that are attached to every ability you use.


I thought the only thing nerfed was versa amps and conflict major was buffed to work on all stuns.

edit: nm see this from 4 hours ago:

:rofl: they have to be trolling

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So now when I get kidneyed with a tendy on me by some pro rogue I won’t die with .5sec remaining I’ll die with 2.5sec remaining on it sick.

This isn’t what we meant by wanting shorter games


None of this would’ve mattered IF they just reduce all corruption effect by 50% in pvp.

C&S is fine since 8.2 , any amps corruption or any kind of stacked corruption is absurd.! This is literally 8.0 before they decided to nerf all Azerite by 50%.