PvP Hotfix post got 6 likes do you see the Problem?

Yeah because i actually play the class, and know what i’m talking about not some normie bloodelf, who’s a blood elf just to be a bloodelf.

You’re wrong, if you don’t play a spec how can you understand it? and I play in 1600 there are more mages, and rouges and paladins than destro locks.

but you dont

i leveled a priest to 12 on classic
i have about as much relevant priest experience as you do warlock

destro is the most individually oppressive spec in the game atm

i almost never feel that representation is relevant to balance issues as a whole

however you’re not seeing a ton of warlocks at 1600 because warlock is so overbearing and easy to play it’s REALLY challenging to get stuck at such an abysmal rating while playing one


at 2200+ there’s nearly 2x as many destro locks as there are assass rogues which are the 3rd most represented dps spec overall (with fire at number 2, with 25% less than destro)
and nearly THREE times as many destros as there are windwalkers warriors AND demonhunters which are ALL mega Stier


This is true and the only thing we need to understand is they need massive nerfs so they aren’t broken OP anymore.

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Destro should be just gutted with no hope of being good rest of this expac and SL. It’s the only way to atone.

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Maybe some irl tips and tricks? Or maybe the thunderzilla pilot treatment? :joy::joy:

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Whoa, big yikes.

Now, you’ve made it clear you hate Destro. And if you wanna think it’s the current best spec, sure, whatever, go ahead.

But the most broken spec of all time???.. ???



They should just disable corruption when in pvp.

Rizzakk is back to tell us how Warlock is not good, because he is 1400 CR with a negative w/l and the only reason he is down that low isn’t because he is a terrible player. No, it’s cause his class is bad.

Welcome back Rizzakk.

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Yes most of the PvP community hates Destro if you can’t see that then you are extremely detached from this game :rofl: They have been broken OP for way too long and you are trolling done feeding you. Destro is ruining PvP and the community is pissed about. It’s so obvious. Destro as it is now is easily the most hated spec of all time. Then fire mage isn’t far behind.

Not sure how many threads we have to make for that to sink in but we will keep making them until the Broken Destro overlords are nerfed.

-Whoa, went off on a tangent, there, did we? Nobody said anything about “the rest of the community also hates the thing I hate”. I wasn’t even remotely going in that direction. Why did you randomly swing hard?

Why are you trying that hard to redirect what my post was saying???

dilly on multiple accounts

gotta keep that green text

seriously tho they r trolling

i kinda admire it

I’ve played Destro, got to 1800 without even knowing how to setup for kills just yolo tossing bolts.

It wasn’t a fun class so I did not continue to play it.


These are not the updated PvP changes we are looking for. Please stop trolling and fix Destro/Fire Mage thanks.

We are looking for strong fixes to Destro and Fire anything else is unacceptable.


Damn, I’ve been loving 95% damage reduction in kidneys :frowning:

And just like that Rogues can kill stuff again… people will start to forget about windwalkers… Mages and Warlocks continue to laugh at the rest of everyone else… Not your best changes blizz…. I welcome the coming reign of our holy pally overlords.

Granted im just farming echo’s and only cuing 2k to 2.1 MMR but last night in 20 games I saw 2 teams without a lock.

We have 1,000’s of comments to nerf Destro and 100’s of threads. All the Devs have to do is press that fix Destro button so we can PvP and have fun.

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It’s called gas-lighting.

When Abomb gets heavily upvoted compared to a Blue the Blues must realize how wrong and detached they are from the community.

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