PvP Tuning Changes for June 9

You guys have to be trolling right? How are you managing to tune everything in the right direction except Destro Locks and to a lesser extent Fire Mages? I can only hope you guys are keeping your changes to those specs as a close hold but man it would be nice if you could let the community know you are at least working on it.


This shows how out of touch they truely are. Why are you buffing mlx and rmx when those comps have been complained about for the past 3 seasons. Does anyone at blizzard read these forums?


Good change… Despite a lot of crying. Keep the changes rolling!

Also can we address vitality conduit. Conflict and strife is only a small part of the reason people aren’t dying. Vc being on an insane cooldown and absolutely impossible to kill through is a problem.


Rogues are not allowed to be mediocre for more than 2 weeks and destros still dodging nerfs :joy:

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we should be acknowledging this
this is a REALLY good change

however we cant stop speaking out about mlx specifically lock

they backtracked their ineffable change because people talked about it

they NEED to fix destro esp if this season is going to be 40-50 weeks long


Good stuff.


Just funny to see how everyone ripping as if there is zero positives. Like definitely nowhere near enough but I’m surprised they’re doing any changes. I’m hopping they keep coming.


I can’t even queue with my mediocre friends at the 1600-1800 rating bracket to play for fun because 4/5 games will have a destro, double destro, or even triple destro and I wish I was exaggerating that.

It’s hard to get someone into PvP when your win condition is literally run for your life all game until 10 minutes in and then maybe you can score a kill by all inning while their dark soul is down while they just stand there menacingly and spamming micro cc at you.

Soul leech needs to be absolutely destroyed.


isn’t it real fun that the counterplay to destro is to not play the game for 10 minutes
and if you refuse and try to play the game you lose?

but even beyond that THEY cant be punished for standing there doing nothing
they cant be punished for gating into your pillar randomly
they cant be punished for walling randomly during their first dark soul for no reason
they cant be punished for not even making healthstones in the gate

it’s so sick!1!1!

90% of the time against mlx i afk or feed in the first 30 seconds
you would not believe how many of them emote or screenshot it and get excited LMFAOLOL


Hello, I’d like to report a crime…


Pls fix the haste scaling from corruptions in Arena, I age 10 years every time I watch a Lock cast two bolts in under a second.

Also I still think they should nerf ineffable truth, I swear HPals having wings for 70% of the match is toxic as all can be.


Yep, been bannered, spam emoted and screenshotted by mlx this season. Didn’t know that comp would be so hype to beat a Ret


We are going to need some explanations on the reasoning behind these nerfs when the most broken thing in this game is Destro!!!

Then please do something about Fire mages. No one wants to see Destro/Fire all the time ruining any chance of fun in this game. It also is the worst thing to watch and everyone just turns off the AWC when there is this disgustingly broken comp.

PS - Implement the 15 sec CD to Gpie now or remove it from the game

PPS - Also remove spite from the game

THIS x a million

LOL this game is so bad man

obviously i dont have it as bad as ret does but on enhance i’ve gotten like 3 whispers this week while finishing wins from destro locks BMing LMFAO

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Haha melee SCUM we OWNEd you with our huge superior intellects because we use .5-2 sec cast bars to do unhealable damage. Stay by the pillar next time, melee idiot, or don’t queue up at all, so we can have peak excitement big brain MLX mirrors


Yeah I just think it’s super cringe to screenshot a comp you counter. It would be me screenshotting ur tsg or ur enhance in general. Had an mld mage screenshot me to try and talk sh*t about me to Rylen like it wasn’t complete cringe

Now the versa nerf is even more pointless.

Revert that spite nerf, nerf monk more, buff rdruid healing and nerf mage / lock.


Thanks for giving attention to Conflict major’s defensive bonus. This is looking better for setup based compositions. Looking forward to further tweaks.

It looks like the goal here is to make vers corruptions not the best in every way possible.

The initial change nerfed it with percentage but buffed it with the bugfix on all the stuns it didn’t work on.

Now it has been double nerfed which will result in some game impact. I can see monk’s dying to rogues now before 75% dampening.

insane, You guys are actually trolling. Buff destro/fire more. Insane how they’re just ignoring destro locks and firemages.