Upcoming PvP Tuning Changes -- June 9th

All destro buffs indirectly…


I find it so interesting that all of these changes are on the defensive side (people getting too tanky) but the outlier problems in rogues, fire mages and destruction warlocks continues to be unaddressed.

I think nerfing corruption is fine, even if I did waste all the time grinding vers amps, because I hate corruption in PvP. However, apply it to all the amps. Versatility stacking is no different from Masterful or Expedient, one just makes people live longer and the other kills people faster…

Reduce the effectiveness of all amps (and heck, all corruptions) by 33% and call it a day so people don’t waste more time farming echoes for something that may later be declared “broken”. It does not feel good having spent all that time optimizing your character only to have your chosen path reduced in effectiveness while others are left intact.


It’s almost like Blizzard has a plan.

A plan for us to be on an endless grind.


I wish Blizzard would focus on making the game fun and balanced so players want to login and play.

Instead, they seem to think that perpetual grinds to stay on top of the power curve is what’s needed to get players to login. The metrics indicate that people want more daily/weekly PvE chores!


Mastery is up on the vendor.

Watch Fire Mages melt ppl in 2 secs under combust now.


Man they really love fire mage destro locks and assassin rogues this expansion

Ideally, they should remove Corruptions from PvP, nerf Essences, balance all the specs, and improve scaling.

But, at that point, they’d be basically making a new expansion.

yeah i am pretty sure thats not gonna happen even tho i wish it would lmao.

People are saying it’s still the way to go post-nerf.

Remember destro before Demon Armor in the first few patches…

Perhaps. I would have liked to have known before I farmed and spent the echoes that my choice was between 12% haste/mastery/crit or 8% versatility being billed as 12%.


They always seem reluctant to make any real class balance changes, usually due to some future patch or exp coming and so they don’t want the code of live effecting whatever future content is coming. Even then they barely get to the root with any issues with these hot fixes/exp/patches and it’s more or less the same thing or even gets worse with whatever new class features they decide to add.

Then blizzard just leaves it at that, with classes going long periods of time becoming more and more imbalanced and feeling so far off from each other that going from one class to the foty classes feels like playing a completely different game. A real lack of any innovated ideas and efforts despite the same thing happening every expansion.

I’m not sure if it’s a fix for the hotfix?

Yep, literally quit bfa and went to classic because hunter was thrown in the garbage, bm and mm are bottom feeders to middle feeder depending on effort, and survival is meele, if I wanted to be meele I woudnt have rolled hunter, thanks blizz.

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DH QQing about another class? priceless

Don’t worry bby. I am open to dropping some QQ about DH’s too if it moistens thy undergarments.

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A few players are reporting that the nerf to Conflict and Strife didn’t go live with the weekly maintenance.

Are you dumb? This is a VERY BIG NERF to warlocks. Warlocks doesn’t stun to kill and now all other classes can stun warlocks and have easy kills.

I see some people complaining about warlocks about being tank. If you don’t want warlocks to be a little tank, they should have mobility like mages…

Or perhaps you just want a class to be stunned and easy to kill?

Lol dude… Most warlocks are running vision major. You also missed the part where c/s now properly affects stuns it wasn’t affecting before. If anything you’re going to be as or more tanky.

Naw we just don’t want them to have infinite cc, infinite damage, infinite tankiness due to said damage lol… Warlocks are busted good man, stop pretending you’re hard done by.