Yeah, faction and class locks are a punch in the gut.


Swap covenant for profession, class, faction, or race. Laugh.

Great thread everyone should read.


I mean…they’re pushing class changes on PTR without porting those changes to beta. So we have no clue how the changes interact with covenant stuff and legendaries. But, I’m sure it’ll be fine, right? I’m sure it’ll all work out, right?

I am sure the class changes will eventually make their way to the beta. But I do see your point that it seems odd to be pushing class changes on PTR first rather than beta first.

I’m so excited for this expansion to finally launch and watch this garbage thread get buried and forgotten. Your little movement isn’t happening. Just plain sad to see this at the top of the forums when more important things should be discussed.

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True actually, can we please get more posts like:

Most fiesty post of the thread Uthole.

Maybe you should channel your anger into doing content in game?


You do know eventually the ripcord will be pulled . It always gets pulled.

Legion Legendary Badluck protection and vendors (ripcord)

Changes to azerite gear (ripcord) Essence and Corruption vendors (ripcord)


This thread is going to pick up steam with launch. This thread currently is a pre event party before the main game.

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True, we just arrived early and are waiting for guests to rock up. We’re okay talking amongst ourselves until then though!

Now I have to admit to posting in the gaming keypad for girls thread .

It is actually someone asking for opinions especially females about getting a gaming keypad for the computer he is getting for his gf

Yeah, just the changes can’t be tested alongside all the borrowed power garbage until its on beta vs just PTR.

They don’t know do they? Do they remember Azerite armor at launch? That will be seen as a small blip in the road compared to what I have seen on beta…

I really hope it doesn’t decisions matter. What’s next asking blizz to allow people to freely swap racials or class abilities in order to "avoid punishing players that want to min/max?

Oh, good point. I haven’t heard that one yet.

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IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII’MMMMMMMMMM Pulling Ripcords so you better get this party started


The weekly cool down not being spec specific doesn’t even make sense with their own stated design philosophy of highlighting class identity


It’s sad that WoW isn’t allowed to have RPG elements anymore without people whining.

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What RPG elements are you talking about good friend?

The PG in RPG stands for Playing game by the way.

Like how we just want access to four abilities instead of 1 for a better playing game experience :relaxed:

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Idk the covenants would be a good example…

You’re right. By the way, can you explain how I carry millions of golds which would likely weigh a few thousand points in my back pocket? Care to also explain how I carry a few hundred horses and dragons in my backpack to use at a moments notice? Explain these RPG elements, please.