PSA: Still no Storm Lord

Be great if the event didn’t CRZ me every time the boss spawns due to load. Please force another Storm with the next rotation if it doesn’t have one.

Out of four tags I got one air thingy and it was bugged so I couldn’t give it away :frowning:

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I had three people who were bugged and couldn’t trade.

I got the trinket and achievement at the start of the event, but I just wanted to chip in that this was a good move and that it’s nice to see the quick reaction here.

just killed him the second time today and no drop i’m crying

Air Primal Storms are now up in Un’goro Crater!

Don’t fret if you’re unable to collect all four Dimmed Primeval elemental items for the Heirloom trinket before the Tempest Unleashed event ends, they can be obtained once again in the Dragonflight Primal Storms.

Happy hunting, and see you soon in the Dragon Isles.


Thats…what i did

Nice work Blizz

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Thank you again for doing this for people, Blizz!


naw, I checked every spawn for 3 days with no air elemental. It was broken.

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That’s excellent news. I’ll spread the word amongst my folks so they all stop fretting.

We appreciate you coming and addressing this.

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now that is customer service - props Blizz

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Many a thanks. Now I can get that pesky air essence and slap it in my bank.

Wish you could’ve done something for people that came back to try for Veilstrider with all the damned RNG components to some of the requirements or at least had lesser and/or alternate methods for some of the achievements. Although, in case of the slime cat, left it available for people that did LFR fated instead of changing that last second before the patch went live.

Guess 1 out of 3 is still something though. :dracthyr_shrug:


Excellent! Thank you!

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Oh and, I take back what I said about this being like the FFXI forums. Sorry about that. It would seem that there is someone keeping an eye on things out here still.

Looking forward to DF for sure now!

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Don’t you find it a bit late?

My friend spent a lot of his time trying to find one on at times he could get on between work and sleep, only to find out today while he’s at work that it’s up shortly before the expansion’s launch, which he will just be leaving work for.


Would you be so kind to check whether that’s true for EU realms as well? The Un’Goro primal there is still Earth, albeit without any timer (so it appears to be running indefinitely / till the end of the event)


Now this is a GREAT response to this kind of issues


The next blue post says you can get it in DF.