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no longer relevant

No worries everyone we still have room! Don’t be shy, apply!

5 new members joined yesterday! If anyone has any further questions please reach out to any officer!

hi i am fury warrior long time wow player looking for guild, may i join please i will be active on discord

Hey Bonitahigh!

Thank you for reaching out.

If you are interested in joining just send a message to any of the officers in-game or to our Battle Tag and we will get you scheduled for an interview!

Still looking for people for our Mythic roster. Message one of us in game or reach out if interested.

In need of melee dps specifically but can make any classes work.

Our roster is just about full! Hit us up if interested!

Still looking to fill the last few spots! Message any officer if you have any questions!

still looking few slots left

We are almost full! Reach out if interested!


Keen to discuss application, have sent request to Nart!

Currently restro druid but can play whatever is required.


Still have room for some exceptional players! Get in touch if interested!

Tank spots available? 184 Prot Pally interested.

Still looking for slot to fill have room for dedicated people.

sent bnet request to Fishplox

Sent Bnet Request to Fishplox

interested, i added two of your officers

Would love to talk. I’ve been raid healer since BC and am looking for a guild for SL. Please shoot me a message. Kindabigdeal#1322

Interested, sent request to officers but haven’t heard back yet.