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Thanks for the replies everyone! We have been pretty busy with work the last few days but I will be reaching out to everyone this weekend. We are always looking for exceptional players! If you have not received a reply from me or another Officer make sure to try adding my BTag again or list your BTag here for me to add. I have had a high number of adds and might have missed some!

Still looking to fill in slots for our mythic roster for dedicated people.

We are having a blast in Castle Narnia! Always open to exceptional players looking to join us!

Still looking for more players to join us for Narnia and fill in our mythic team.

We have availability for the right players! Reach out and join us!

We still have room for dedicated players looking to progress this tier and into the future!

Interested. Sent a friend request to Nartpls. Hit me up on bnet MaddyLif3#1687 or discord MaddyLif3#3418.

10/10 N all cleared and Heroic is next! Still have space for exceptional raiders!

Are you guys looking for a tank? :smiley: <3

Unfortunately tank is the one thing we are full on currently =( But any exceptional healer/dps we would love to have!

Still looking for healer and dps slots for our core Mythic roster!

We are very interested in ranged dps and a flex healer! We will always consider exceptional applicants no matter the class!

Looking for ranged dps and flexible healers for our core mythic roster reach out if interested!

Still have room for great players! Make sure to reach out if you think we would be a good fit!

Still looking for a few to round out of mythic roster!

Happy Holidays everyone! We are still on the lookout for exceptional players!

Still looking for dedicated people to fill in our mythic roster.

We will be starting Mythic after the 1st of the year and we would love to have you! Reach out if interested!

We begin Mythic this week! Reach out if interested!

Still looking for like-minded players! Reach out if interested!