[Any] Multi Spec Tank Looking for Guild

Hey all!

Looking for a guild to get back into the mythic raiding & M+ scene after taking a break during BFA. I’m a multi-tank spec player, with flexibility into other specs & classes as needed. Understandably at the start of the expansion filling a main raider slot is unlikely, so I am additionally open to being a 3rd bench tank and pushing M+ keys on multiple groups for the right guild to fit a trial slot.

Past Experience
Top 300 US Tank for Warlords of Draenor and Legion
90+ parsing Prot Paladin; Warcraft logs available

Availabilty: No restrictions after 5pm PST
Server Transferrable: Yes
Faction Transferrable: Yes

Current Max Level Alts:
Paladin; Nikkelz-Eredar 188 ilvl
Monk: Nippelz-Eredar 179 ilvl
Demon Hunter: Tikkelz-Eredar 180 ilvl

Feel free to shoot me a message:
Discord: Nikkelz#2147
Battletag: Nikkelz#1597

Still searching :slight_smile:

We would be interested in speaking with you about a #3 tank spot on our mythic raid team with the ability to earn your way to a main spot with exceptional play. Have heavy need for a prot paladin.

Seraphic is a Horde guild on the Realm Area 52, our focus is mythic progression and mythic +. The guild is being formed from a group of friends, several with multiple CE achievements and the rest with high level mythic progression. We’re wanting a chill yet serious environment where players can enjoy the time they have to play the game, but still progress at a fair or quicker pace through the high end PvE content. We raid 8pm to 11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Current Needs:

Tanks - Open to Exceptional Applicants
Healers - Holy Paladin
Melee DPS- Feral Druid, Windwalker Monk
Ranged DPS - Boomkin Druid, Mage, Shadow Priest

If you believe you are exceptional at your class and can outperform one of our raiders apply today, we will give you the opportunity to show it.

Below is a list of our general goals and ambitions

  • Be fairly geared throughout the expansion.
  • Clear Heroic within first or second week of tier release.
  • Complete +15 M+ keys once a week minimum.
  • To build a community of players that are online around the clock.
  • Preferably a friendly environment.
  • By the end of Shadowlands, we want to be CE in more than one raid tier.

If interested, reply to this post with battletag or Discord information.

Feel free to add one of our officers on Discord for a faster response:

Froggy - Guild Master - Discord vmsfroggy#4819 - Bnet vmsfroggy#1886
Isaac - Raid Leader - Discord (Stink)#7494 - Bnet Stink#11325
Shankspec - Recruiter - Discord Shankspec#8004 - Bnet mynucka1788#1532

Hey Nikkelz!

We are currently looking for an experienced tank!

While you would have a brief trial period, you would not be sitting on the bench for it. One of our top DPS is off-tanking for us and we would like to have a 2nd tank with more experience in the position full time.

I think we might be a good fit for you!

Check us out!


Still looking :slight_smile:

Hey there Nikkelz, we’re looking for a tank with some experience who is trying to push CE. We’re a new guild, but we’ve managed to push 1/10 H and 6/10 N. Being able to lock in a consistent and dependable tank would be really helpful for us. If you’re interested in the style of guild that I’m pushing to create, shoot me a message.


Still looking :slight_smile:

Still looking, available to chat today

Calculated Calamity is seeking new members for Shadowlands raiding ,M+ and PvP.

About Calculated Calamity:

Currently 2/10N

Our commitment to you:

We pride ourselves on being efficient on a light schedule while still having a professional, driven, and respectful atmosphere. We promote an atmosphere that encourages team-oriented attitudes, minimized drama and toxicity, and rewards preparation. Our roster is made up mostly of working-class adults who desire hardcore progression on a less hardcore schedule.

Joining us you can expect:

  • Experienced, passionate, and driven leadership that doesn’t give up.
  • Trials who are recruited and put into progression scenarios quickly. We want you to prove your merits.
  • A healthy roster of core players that focus on Teamwork.
  • Fair play time - during farm we rotate players fight to fight based on loot needs. We aim to keep all players on our roster engaged and active with raiding and progression time.

Building and Maintaining a 26 Man Raiding Roster

Extra Days of Raiding on based on a Sign up Sheet basis. If we can raid more we will if a 26 man team roster can make it. (Once we are there at full roster.)
Current recruitment needs:
Hunter: Medium
Mage: High
Paladin: Ret: Medium
Warlock: Medium
Priest: Disc: High Shadow: Medium
Druid: Dps: High, Resto: High
DH Dps: High
DK: Dps: High
Shaman: Resto: High, Dps: Medium
Monk: Dps: High, MW: Medium
Rogue: Low

Raid Time:

Farm: Friday Starting 6pm EST Optional
Progression: Saturday 6PM EST - 11pm EST. Sunday based on Sign ups. Monday Base on Sign ups.
Contact us:
Main Contact (Battle Tag): Nororango#1887
Discord Nororango#3749

Happy to discuss offspec needs as well

Pugging is great but a guild is sweeter - 6/10 N on the pally now

Happy Monday! Still searching

Hey there, we are looking for a second tank for our raid group. Would love to chat!


[Claw and Shadow] is a 1/10 H 10/10 N guild on Wyrmrest Accord that has just returned from taking a break during BFA. The guild has existed since the end of BC, and a majority of the core players have raided together for 8+ years. We are currently recruiting for M+ and Normal/Heroic raiding and plan to do Mythic raiding when our roster is full. Must be exceptionally good at interrupts.

Raid schedule:

Wednesday - 8pm-11pm server (PST)

Thursday - 8pm-11pm server (PST)

Recruitment Needs:

We are currently recruiting a main offtank, preferably a demon hunter or guardian druid. We are also looking for rdps, especially a shadow priest, 1-2 hunters, and a mage. In terms of melee dps, we are only looking for a demon hunter and/or a windwalker (must have exceptional logs because we are already melee heavy). At this time, we are only recruiting a disc priest for our mythic healer core.

If you’re interested, hit up one of the following people in-game or via Discord:

Mucc - Co-leader and Recruitment (Btag- Cain#1371 Discord- Mucc#0047)

Kyaza - Recruitment (Btag- Kyaza#1457 Discord- Kyazah#5497)

Potential recruits will need to take part in a discord interview. Please have logs from current content (If you do not have logs, please be willing to explain your class in-depth in the discord interview).

We hope to hear from you soon!