Patterns within Patterns

Just from doing the dailies, the world quests, a rare or two, and some treasures, I got 72% completion within an hour. I have two more days to fill the rest of the bar. I imagine later on it will get much, much easier.


The daily quests and world quests each give 10%. Even if you do no rares or chests at all and only the dailies it’ll still only take 2-3 days to do Patterns. Easy to fit it in before the deadline.

Especially rares. At least flight is really easy to unlock and only a couple weeks away. I’m not even bringing any of my alts out there until I unlock it.

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I’m doing alts. It is alot of running for chests. The things I do for rep on my crafters.

This isn’t something new to the game…it happened in Nazjatar, Mechagon, Tanaan, Timeless Isles…and every other end game zone.

Thank you for all the feedback on the “Patterns Within Patterns” quest. We also agree that the 3-day timer doesn’t offer enough flexibility to complete its requirements multiple times a week.

With next week’s scheduled weekly maintenance in each region, the 3-day quest “Patterns Within Patterns” will become a Weekly Quest, and both its completion requirements and rewards will be increased to provide the same pace of progression.

We feel that a full week duration, along with commensurate amounts of Cosmic Flux and other rewards, better suits this quest. We hope this change alleviates the concern some players had over completing it multiple times a week. :blush:


Oh wow, that was a quick fix! Well done.

Hopefully it’ll work the same as Shaping Fate, and roll over to the next week if you don’t complete it?



Please increase dailies and treasures/respawns I’d like to be able to complete it in about 1 hour on one sitting. Thanks.


THANK YOU! I was stressing out having to do this every few days…


normally flight is a big motivator for me, but with this zone I really don’t care anymore.

more rep, more quests, all trash in a year when 10.0 comes out.

on the bright side, Netflix has a new Vikings show out that looks like it will give me that hit I used to get from WoW.

They already made treasure respawns so obnoxious they are up all the time all over zone. Rares are still a little slower though.

I don’t know if this is related, but I didn’t finish the Patterns Within Patterns quest when I logged in on patch day. Yesterday when I went to finish it the quest was no longer in my log and I lost the progress I had made up to then. I’m pretty sure that with the Korthia weekly if I didn’t get around to finishing it in one week I could carry over the progress to the next week.


I didn’t have any issue with it but provided I am getting the same rewards, I am fine with it only being a weekly quest.

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Sounds like that’s a better model for some people! Thanks for replying!


I hope this includes a commensurate amount of rep.


About the rewards, is it gonna be scaled 133% especially for Rep ? Otherwise we’re gonna get behind on the previously expected schedule, because it was every 3 days, which is slightly more often than twice every week.


Thank you!

Additionally, could you please consider making this quest not reset every week, so us slowpokes can enjoy it too? Thanks!


Such a bummer.

While long term, I guess this is good for people who do not want to have to play the game every day, many of us were counting on the “current” quest to reach Honored ASAP after the reset so we could craft Legendary’s, 260 items, etc.

Now that this is a “longer quest”, it seems like it will be much harder to do in time for Raid and Keys Tuesday night. Are there going to be more quests to help us who WANT to grind it out as fast as possible complete it? More Rares up per day, quicker Rare Spawns?