Paladin: Judgments of the Pure Tuning – April 4

With Judgment’s cast frequency increasing in patch 10.0.7, Judgments of the Pure has been overperforming as a PvP talent. In a hotfix being applied this upcoming Tuesday, the talent will only apply to the Paladin and no longer have its effect applicable to allies.


    • Judgments of the Pure (PvP Talent) now causes Judgment casts on an enemy to cleanse 1 Poison, Disease, and Magic effect they have caused on you (was allies within your aura).

I think a better nerf would have been (this effect can only happen every “x” seconds but oh well


This really just kills the ability for team support and doesn’t do much to address Ret Paladin’s personal tankiness.

It would have been better turned into a Sharpen Blade type effect, where you activate a button to make your next judgement remove these effected debuffs.


Honestly a good idea, removes what makes it annoying which is the fact its on a rotational damage ability and is passive. While turning it into something that requires thought. W take from someone showing as paladin on the forums.

Kills the talent so it’ll never be used, RIP.


No, spam removing magic debuffs on the Paladin is still good into certain specs. They just needed to address it making certain specs or builds not function by more or less passively ripping all their resources off while just doing their damage rotation.


Rip the bandaid off and delete ret. It’ll free the people still holding on for whatever reason in their preferred content and the anti-ret agenda will finally shut up for once.


The issue is that it is passively tied into the rotation with frequent use. Not the actual function of removing debuffs from allies.

It’s killing the talent more so than coming to a compromise on its design so that it’s still a considerable strength to the spec.

Yeah, I know.

Losing the ability to get partners out of cc does feel weird. Maybe something like the sharpen idea would be fine, but then there’s just them having too much cc prevention/removal when sanc also exists.

If this is the route, better off making it.

Cleanse now also removes 1 Magical Effect when casted on yourself.

Makes cleanse more useful, adds a bit to the skill cap, and removes the toxicity of Ret paladins face tanking damage, spamming judgement dispel on themselves, while their healer sits behind a pillar 40 yards away.

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Thanks blizz! Now we have only have 2 pvp talents worth taking! Such great changes youve made since reworking us :D… Absolutely shameless


Absurd you’re making us wait till Tuesday for this


You could have made it into:
Cleansed be the Pure: Your Cleanse ability when used now also cleanses 1 Magic effect enemies have caused on allies within your aura in addition to 1 Poison and Disease.

Now it’s always on an 8 second timer and causes a conscious decision on the Paladin’s part to use.

It also makes it so we’re back to be able to Cleanse magic effects, which we once could.

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No shot. :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


I agree, maybe a 15 or 20 second window where it can occur again?

Sorry blizz wants only healers and “somehow” imp with that functionality.

Why not? It would be less mindless than using Judgment on CD and passively cleansing stuff off.

Well ret had that functionality up to now with Judgments of the Pure…
Their decision for changing it is that we cast Judgment too often now, that’s why attaching the ability to Cleanse makes it be less often than it was even before 0.7.

It also takes away 1 gcd from damage, to utility only.

Sorry watch them remove 2stack judgment and/or make it 25s cd.

Found the missing part of the text.


After 10,000 dispels I’m free