One video shows how broken this game is

Hey… attack me all you want… it will not change the fact that you said one thing and a hour later contradicted yourself… idgaf one way or another about your crusade… but out right lying does need to be pointed out…

It’s your lie bro… tell it the way you want.


Do you mean like being glad to hear it’s a universal issue after someone gave an example of it happening on a mob that actually does have the mechanic?

Thank you Goon

Yeah the sheer amount of people responding with “DMN was farmable in vanilla bro #nochanges” is flat out alarming.

The literacy rate in the general forums must be below 25% by my estimate. For every decent post there’s about 3 trolling/useless/white noise ones that have nothing to do with the topic

I’m glad the autoattack issue made its way into the thread though. Bravo whoever did that.

Perfectly shows the level of broken we’re dealing with here.

No it isn’t flurry. No it isn’t thrash. Yes some mobs have these abilities.

But it’s been documented, clearly, and many, many times that all mobs in classic store auto attacks for some reason. Usually capping out at 5. Princess is the usual perfect, and most well documented example because you kite her.

Yes she does have flurry. However flurry is 2 extra attacks. She routinely hits people with five or more when getting back in range.

This is why she can one shot people below 2k hp.

However, every mob in the game exhibits this behavior, whether they have flurry or not

What? I was saying I’m glad to hear that all mobs are exibiting this behavior. Meaning it’s a server issue, not an issue with a particular mob.

If every mob in the game has a glitch, it’s safe to say that the server itself is the problem not a particular mob.

That’s called troubleshooting

It should be obvious that every mob in the game doesn’t have some fundamental mechanic that lets them store autoattacks when out of range. We were discussing princess, who actually does have flurry. When we learned it wasn’t an isolated incident and actually universal, we could then make broader assumptions.

Regardless, her behavior was abnormal even with flurry.

Mages have known about this for ages. If they get within range of a pack while AOE farming they will get instantly gibbed since all of the mobs they’ve been kiting have been storing autoattacks while out of range which is obviously a bug

Lol case and point. Literally a couple of posts after I called out this ignorant behaviour.

Blizz literally fixed that issue a month ago:

If they’re still wailing on you, then they resisted Feign Death.

How though? Someone citing Syctheclaws isn’t an example of all mobs storing auto attacks when Syctheclaws have the thrash ability.


I’d also like to take this time to point out that the only other example I could find in that thread regarding stored auto attacks is from someone else confusing the thrash ability with your supposed stored auto attack bug.

I’ve played my hunter since vanilla. I know when feign death is resisted. It is not what is happening and their fix did not entirely correct the issue although admittedly it is slightly less broken.

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This Radovid guy really doesn’t like this game.

OP is right. Shills are going to shill.

Classic sucks and people are still lying to themselves. Activision implemented it in about the worst possible way they could have.

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I am finding that if FD is being resisted, then it is being resisted a lot. I have about a 50% failure rate when a mob is in melee.

If you FD before the mob gets to you, then it is successful 95% of the time, so something is still broken. My solution is to wing-clip and open up a little daylight, and then FD.

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Serpents, especially ones composed of pixels on a computer screen, do not “literally run.”

Stop using “literally” when you just want to emphasize your statement.


You are literally on fire, on the forums today!

2004 was not 1.12. Patch 1.12 was 2006. You shouldn’t compare Classic to Vanilla launch. That is a mistake many people keep making.

Where did they say this?

How are people thinking this is about hunters soloing DM?

Serious question. Why would you even bring that up?

Yeah, these bugs were not in vanilla. They’re trying to emulate how it worked back then and they’ve totally failed.

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Batching is a Cancer that is ruining the game, at least Blizzards modern implementation of it. I personally know 3 people who were way more hyped for the launch of Classic than I was and quit after 2 weeks because of a combination of layering and all the problems this emulated lag is causing. I’m really glad Blizzard released Classic and I’ll happily pay for the ability to play but it gets disheartening to pay to play on a server with as many or more bugs than a third rate private server would have. Come on Blizzard fix this game it’s really an embarrassment for a multi million dollar company to release something like this.

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It’s not hard to find. Go to the big forums. They had a very long post regarding what people were calling “bugs” in classic that weren’t actual bugs. Instead it was certain aspects in vanilla that existed that were fixed in later expansions.