One video shows how broken this game is

I logged into YouTube today to see what the classic community had in store for me. Delightfully, I see a dude who figured out solo DM farm. Good for you man.

So I start watching, and immediately notice not this player’s ingenuity and skill, but just how sad of a state this game is in

Let me break down exactly how spell batching or whatever they call this is complete garbage

Watch this pull

Look how long the mobs lag before they turn to attack. The serpent literally ran through the agro range AND the mob, attacks the caster, THEN STARTS RETURNING before the group turns to attack

Again, look how long it takes for the dogs to drop agro after he feigns

To any trained eye this looks flat out JANKY, like the worst private server lag you could imagine.

It gets worse. Just watch this mob clip through the ground like this is Nostalrius in alpha.


I honestly don’t even wanna finish this video now. This feels like just watching another private server guide


The game is “so sad” yet not only are you playing you’re constantly posting on the forums. Got it.


Why does nobody want to talk about the game?

Why is everyone so preoccupied with what I’m doing with my time?

I’m reporting bugs, like I’ve done since day one.

If you ever find yourself wondering, “hey, what’s Ravid doing?”

He’s probably reporting bugs


You can report bugs without endlessly complaining about everything. If you don’t enjoy the current state of the game, then don’t play. There have been plenty of times over the last 14 years I’ve been unhappy with how things are in the game. Instead of crying about it on the forums (which literally accomplishes nothing) I simply stopped playing until things improved.


Isn’t that literally what Classic is?


I see this post more as part of the “this one guy figured out how to solo this thing, the game is broken!” forum genre.


I agree with every poster that has responded so far.


I thought hunters soloing this was a thing even back in the day.


I don’t see any exploiting here this is clever use of game mechanics. Good for him.

What I did see, was just how sad feign death and combat in general is.

You ever ran by a mob while mounted? Notice how they wait till after you pass them before they attack you from behind? That’s because the game is broken.

The mob should engage you the second you touch their agro range, not wait till you’re on top of them, and passing them.

There’s this almost full second of lag baked into the core of every mechanic, which is breaking everything from basic class abilities to PVP in general

This post has literally nothing to do with being able or not able to solo DM North

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Well even with the things not working precisely. Even vanish sometimes fails because a mob will hit you or aggro right back right when you vanish. I just feel these things were happening even in vanilla.

Not nearly this bad. Not even close


Yeah, that’s happened to me about 5 times now and not just in BRD. It sucks.

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The defense rests


It’s funny as a druid you can bear stun, shift out, and start casting a heal… then get a pushback hit from the stunned mob. It is completely screwed up.


Not on General. On General you are complaining. There’s a bug report forum if you feel that there is a legit bug.


We don’t get any feedback from blizz in the bug report forum, nor does the general population ever really check the bug report forum.

Awareness needs to be brought to this issue, not bug reports. There’s a Feign Death thread approaching 700 posts with blue replies, and that video in the OP is the result of all of that “fixing” they’ve done.

It’s spell batching itself, or artificial lag, or whatever you wanna call it. It’s not a “bug”. It’s a debate.

And since blizzard only responds to uproar, we need uproar at this point

This issue has ceased to be technical, it’s now political.


Welcome to pet aggro 101: it doesn’t make any sense and isn’t consistent.

Nothing to do with spell batching. Blizz already confirmed that this wonkiness is intended because it was that way in Vanilla.

P.S. Didn’t you make a post crying about how Classic sucks and how you were quitting?


Pets are actually a perfect microcasm for the issues going on here. Pets suffer from the same artificial lag that the server does. So when they’re both together, you see how dramatic the issue really is.

Notice how long the delay was on recalling his put during the pull.

Artificial lag getting artificially lagged

You can pull up any video from 2004-2005 and see that’s simply a lie. Please try harder

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Did they?
As I recall, things just get progressively worse. (See retail)

If OP thinks it’s bad now, just wait at blizzcon.

Thing is a ticking bomb and I’m waiting far far away with sunglasses and popcorn


It’s almost not even worth waiting for fixes because I know they’ll be worse than the original problem.

Diablo IV Mobile looks lit though :rofl: