Feign Death + Trap Bug


Grom is clearly trolling, no need to feed him. Especially when we have a blue post confirming it is a bug


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Really not the place for this sort of talk. Just saying it’s an easy way to get a forum time out lol. Not just talking to you either Bandet, the other guy that brought it up as well. Might get the thread locked if it devolves into this sort of thing and we don’t want that since this is the biggest thread on this issue.


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cool we had a blue post but FD still trash.


I wanted to give a progress update, since I know this is a particularly frustrating issue. We think we found the major source of the issue and it should be fixed following this week’s restarts (already live in North America). The cause was pretty ironic; the reason you can’t drop a trap after casting Feign Death is because you’re actually leaving combat TOO EARLY. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, so let me explain.

When you cast Feign Death, there are two parts to the effect:

  1. Leave-Combat (on yourself)

  2. Drop-Target (on opponents that are targeting you)

The Leave-Combat part was happening instantly, while the Drop-Target part was going through the normal message queue. When the queue processes events, one of those events could be an attack from an enemy, which puts you right back into combat, before the Drop-Target part removes you from their threat list.

So the bugged sequence of events was:

  1. Enemy queues an attack against you

  2. Cast Feign Death

  3. Leave-Combat

  4. Get hit by enemy (their attack was in the queue)

  5. Re-enter combat

  6. Drop-Target

  7. You remain stuck in combat for up to 5 seconds

We’ve just deployed a fix which puts “Leave-Combat” in the queue where it belongs, and where it was in the 1.12 code, which makes the sequence:

  1. Enemy queues an attack against you

  2. Cast Feign Death

  3. Get hit by enemy (their attack was in the queue)

  4. Leave-Combat

  5. Drop-Target

  6. Enemy is no longer targeting you, and you’re out-of-combat.

The previously mentioned turning fix still isn’t live yet, because it’s actually a more complicated change, and we’re also still investigating to see if there are any other issues at play, but we think this was the biggest problem, so it should be significantly improved at this point. Let us know if this change helped at all, and we’ll keep checking to make sure there aren’t any other edge cases we missed.

@Blues, ETA On Feign Death/ Trap being fixed for hunters?
Rip Hunter PVP. Abusable mechanics (Leeway) Is fun blizz

Nice!! :+1:


Awesome, can’t wait to get off work and test it out. Thank you!

I can see why it was a weird one to fix with it actually dropping combat too early causing the issue of getting stuck in combat lol.


Well that’s reassuring. Maybe it’s time to start leveling the hunter again.



Great work, cant wait to try it out


full trapped a warrior bashing me. This felt nice was also able to feign and drink with pretty high efficiency. However you still need to make sure your pet isnt hitting anything and there still is a slight delay.


How long would you say it is? I think spell batching is roughly 400ms (somewhere around there, can’t remember if that’s the exact value). So if it’s like slightly less than half a second, then it probably falls within where it should be with the spell batching system they’re using.

If it’s still like 1-3 seconds then that’s no good.


We are talking within the Spell Batching Time frame most def.


So happy about this - thanks for working on it!


Great. Sounds like I can hop on my hunter again in that case.

(Velara) #509

Should have been caught in beta.

But happy if it is fixed…at least they are looking into it.


The OP complains about feign+trap keeping him in combat after testing it 20x, which is a non-issue for me. If I test it 20x in a duel 19-20 of those times my trap goes off as predicted. So there is a discrepency between what I am doing and what he is doing, that can easily be fixed by reading/applying my post.

Moreover, I have talked to a few hunters in-game about this who were having OPs issue and I found that their macros weren’t set-up correctly, so no, not everyone has known that for 15 years. Simply throwing in /petfollow anywhere won’t work, it needs to be structured properly, as I posted. Some people are also confused thinking their pet being attacked is the thing putting them in combat which is misinformation muddying up bug reports.

The second point is that feign+trap consistency is a separate issue than feign death not mirroring vanilla functionality. The latter isn’t necessary for the former.

Now, the recent blue post fixes the hitting bug (which may seem big) but THAT bug is seldom the reason you’re put back in combat. The main issue in all of this imo is feign death wait period being tied to GCD, which as I stated earlier, has little effect on feign+trap consistency when your macro is set properly.


i guess you all need to tell me thank you
this is how you get update from blizzard
so much drama to fix a minor bug compare to fix layering make so much more damage to the game , also everyone know how range are able to shoot across wall and little Mountain , this look more a major issue to me , but funny any hunter and caster complain about this lol


still having issues with feign working, almost got me killed on princess a couple mins ago. but thanks for the update, hope its fixed soon.


It can still be resisted.