One video shows how broken this game is

Maybe if I made a troll alt with the name troll in it people could focus on the topic at hand

nah doubt it

At least you can admit you’re an idiot. Takes a big man to do that

A big man can also take their own advice. Also, going through with what they say they intend to do but you don’t do that do you?

So my own advice would be post from an alt because people can’t focus on anything I say because I’m unsubbed?

Sure. I’ll take my own advice. But as you just stated people like yourself are idiots and can’t focus on serious discussions anyways

Going through with what?

Unsubbing? I’ve been unsubbed for almost a month now. I bought a 3 month block around launch. My sub is good until november.

I’ve stated this multiple times but I’m not going to hold my breath for anyone around here to understand complex topics like time and duration. Also there’s some math involved too.

3 months. 90 days.

These are incredibly complex concepts for the average forum troll to grasp

But why, you keep posting like you care. I thought you given up already. Looks like someone still intends to play.

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I do care. That’s why I’m voting with my dollars to no longer support the project while it exists in its current state, while continuing to fight for bug fixes

I’ll never give up on vanilla wow

That was the entire idea intitially

With that said, even introducing the concept that people can resub if the state of the game improves would likely destroy people’s minds and leave them catatonic so I shouldn’t even bring up that Pandora’s box for the sake of mental health of the population of the forum at large

People can change their minds. I know that’s just a completely mind blowing concept to pretty much anyone these days.

It’s what reasonable people do after discussions, debate, and a changing world. But everyone these days, not just these forums, will literally fight until they die rather than concede an inch.

That’s why discussions aren’t fun anymore. Everyone is just stuck and think what they think. The bug report forum keeps an open mind, but these boards are decidedly close minded

Enlightening. it is completely mind blowing concept. Even for quitters.

I look forward to more attention seeking threads. At least for another 2 months.

Unless, you resub that is.

around January. Seeya then.

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Sure, I mean that was the entire point of the post after all, to get coverage.

I don’t know why you think I want attention. I just want bug fixes honestly. That should be pretty clear by now, it’s all I post about. Theorycrafting is out the window, everyone apparently knows everything about everything

Arguing with you spergs isn’t exactly fun. This place has basically become reddit and I hate reddit

But I appreciate any further bumps for the cause

Never would have thought of it.

OMG, you are clueless. This one is sad. LOl

Man idk.

Do you know what you’re talking about?

I skimmed these posts and the one thing that caught my eye was the mobs building up auto attacks.

Which is literally a mechanic that some mobs have.

I dislike spell batching quite a bit, the number of times iv stunned something THEN its cast a spell or ability has been infuriating, but it has led to the only occasion in wow were iv killed a mob the same time it killed me (with out being a dot involved).

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Yes mobs took a moment to path back to position after FD in vanilla. No they did not whale away on you while you lay there in the ground potentially pulling you right back into combat like they do in classic.

How have people became so brain washed by blizz that they will accept anything as it is even if it is broken when your paying to play? Or is it that people just love stroking their epeen

Wait really?

Guys. We found one

A person who isn’t completely absorbed with what I’m doing

Yeah some mobs have, and there is a limit of the stacks. The issue is mobs that don’t have a thrash ability are doing it also and they are stacking more then just the 2 extra attacks.

People really need to learn to read concisely before responding, there is people replying who clearly haven’t even read the first post “Deeerp you could solo DM back in vanilla #nochanges” when it isn’t even about the ability to solo the instance he was just showing video evidence of the brokem mechanic it would have conveyed the same point regardless of the zone fooools.

Wait mobs build up autoattacks now as just a basic “mechanic”?

Homie, do you know what you’re talking about?

Mobs just don’t all randomly have windfury lmfao. Mobs don’t store autoattacks and then unleash them in 5 hits in under a second.

There is a very small portion that have an ability called flurry, which is indeed an extra attack or two. But they sure as hell don’t have anything like we’re seeing in classic.

And every mob in the game sure as hell doesn’t flurry

So you are or you aren’t reporting bugs?

Asking for a friend…

The lies are piling up bro… just sayin.

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I wasn’t aware that bug reporting and bringing awareness to bug reports were mutually exclusive events

You must be one of those people who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time

Just an FYI, it was like this in Vanilla. Mobs didnt attack you until you ran through/past them on mounts. This is working exactly how it did in 04-07.

Hunters could also solo DM back in the day as well.

This is nothing new. I"m not even sure what you are complaining about.