One video shows how broken this game is

If things aren’t bugs then they’re intended to be part of the game. If they are bugs they aren’t intentional. That’s the definition of bugs.

Mistaking something for a bug doesn’t make it a bug. Of course they’re not going to fix things that aren’t bugs. Nowhere did they say they had no intention of fixing bugs.

Is there anything you don’t b**** about nonstop? Asking for a friend.

Feels like your possibly a bit slow on understanding all of this. People reported “bugs” in beta for classic. Turns out those weren’t actually considered “bugs” in vanilla or if they were they weren’t fixed until later expansions. They left those “bugs” or “specific features” in the current version of classic because they wanted the game to feel as close to vanilla as possible. Not sure how much easier I can post it to make you understand. One sec maybe I can find some crayons around here.

FYI, there are TONS of bugs in Classic. Actual, unintentional bugs. Some of these bugs have been address by Blizzard as in “we’re working on it.” Some have already been fixed. Others languish in the no man’s land of no comments at all.

If something isn’t a bug, it isn’t a bug. There’s a world of difference between saying something isn’t a bug and saying they aren’t going to fix bugs.

There were bugs in Vanilla, such as the loot bug and wall jumping, that have been fixed. Claiming that “blizzard already stated they aren’t fixing those bugs” is simply not true.

Sorry I couldn’t find any crayons in my vehicle. I’ll get back to you later. Maybe we can cut up some construction paper, break out some glue sticks, and work this out in a way you can understand.

Nothing to understand. You made up something and got called on it.

Just one example: Wall jumping bug - fixed

Wall jumping was possible all through Vanilla. It’s not in Classic though, is it? So . . .

“blizzard already stated they aren’t fixing those bugs”

. . . is simply not true, is it? No. Of course it isn’t.

Why are you saying anything? My post obviously wasn’t to or about you and had zero to do with layering. It was clearly to OP as it had no one indicated otherwise and OP is indeed b****ing. And not about layering. L2 read.

My fault. I’ll delete it.

Whole Blizzcon panel on recreating WoW Vanilla as WoW Classic.

Omar Gonzales - Senior Software Engineer who has been with Blizzard since prior to the launch of Vanilla to talk about their efforts to locate the backups of vanilla data.

Going into what the found they had as far as source code; art assets; and data base. Also covers how their development cycle led to lost information on their earliest databases.

Bugs are intended:

Additional pertaining to traps and target detection:

There was something else I recall seeing stating they wanted this to be as authentic as possible so bugs from 2004-6 that didn’t get fixed would be making appearances. I don’t recall ever seeing them state that they wouldn’t eventually fix them in the future though.

Or just stating that it was possible back in Vanilla. Its not ignorant behavior, its stating a fact.

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When OPs post is not about whether a Hunter can or can’t solo DM at all, what you said is 100% irrelevant. You’ve clearly jumped to a conclusion without reading the whole original post.

OP first paragraph he says he see’s a dude who can solo DM. Then he says its not the players skill but the state of the game. How is saying that hunters farming DM in vanilla is irrelevant? Because that was the state of the game in vanilla.

Meaning those skills and the lag between aggro was present. It’s 100% relevant.

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and nobody cares to the extent you do.

You said you quit weeks ago. So go away.

“you’re just not remembering the game correctly.”

Lol mate he wasn’t saying oh these bugs are why he can solo DM he was showing footage of bugs whilst this hunter was soloing DM it had nothing to do with the hunter soloing the instance and all to do with the bugs visibly present on video footage.


If you are still interested in finding and reporting issues, here is my constructive feedback.

  • Record and test using your own character and video. You will have the combat logs and matching video. These should be tailored to the specific issue.
  • Do multiple tests against the specific issue. A glitch here and there is just a glitch.
  • If the issue happens frequently enough then maybe it is a real issue.
  • I don’t think that you can not use retail and vanilla as a reference. There have been too many changes and fixes.
  • Your topics should focus on a single issue.
  • Prioritize what is important. 3D clipping issues is going to an issue and is not significant for game play.

As a suggestions, the hunters seem to reporting issues tied around Feign Death. Note: There are specific constraints when performing Feign Death. One important one is no camera move (using the right mouse button to move) - I think this may be the real issue.

Topic 1: Feign Death vs Casters
Topic 2: Feign Death vs Melee
Topic 3: Feign Death and Trapping
Topic 4: Vanish - I really don’t have a handle on this one. This one will require you to investigate the topics to understand that one.

They know about the bugs. The thing is, they’ve screwed so many things so horribly that they’re having trouble identifying what exactly is causing the bug, let alone how to fix it. Regarding hunters, they changed the batching queue screw up that borked hunters but they haven’t figured out how to fix other bugs CAUSED BY THEIR BATCHING.

There are other reports about it taking too long to drop combat, or having combat re-activated because your pet is getting attacked, and we’re still looking at those issues. We’re tracking a couple of leads there, but we haven’t got this bug in our sights yet, so it may take a bit more time to figure out what’s really going on here. - Pazorax, Wow Dev

Here’s how they could fix it: Get rid of batching/leeway until they have a freaking clue.

Off topic reply:

I was just suggesting what I would consider to aid in his posting of issues. I don’t “trust” these issues shown based on other videos. Those are game play videos and not tailored specifically to the issue.

Also if he were to report the issues, he has the actual combat logs.

As far as the Feign Death, there are enough hunters saying that it works; that it may or may not be an issue. Blizzard’s response said this “other reports about it taking too long”. I still think that most players don’t realize about the Right Mouse movement.

That’s true. And before Blizzard identified the issue with the batching queue there were tons of hunters telling everyone to L2P, it was working fine. They posted their macros and tips and everything else.

The problem isn’t the hunters reporting these issues.

Well at the least you look nice today.

That’s alot of gold though, geeze… I thought making money in Classic was suppose to be hard?